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Allianz Travel Insurance Reviews: Allianz Global Assistance provides adequate travel insurance options for many customers, but it really excels in two particular kinds of coverage: policy for travelers going on longer trips and for those traveling with children. We are going to share Allianz Travel Insurance Reviews here.

Allianz covers excursions up where businesses top out about three months. That’s a vital feature for grads taking backpacking trips or college students. If you are a frequent business traveler, Allianz also offers four distinct yearly plans, which enable you to pay a predetermined fee for continuous travel insurance during the year.

Allianz Travel Insurance Reviews

The other perk that sets Allianz is its policy for children under and age 17. Provided that a parent or grandparent accompanied them, they are contained free of charge on OneTrip Premier programs and the OneTrip Prime. That’s a savings opportunity for households. Ultimately, we would recommend going with another firm like Travelex if you want higher coverage limits, but it is worth comparing quotes if you are traveling with your loved ones.

Allianz Travel Insurance Claim:

Allianz Global Assistance creates a strong claim: “Whether you are traveling for leisure or business, you will appreciate the benefits and policy Allianz Travel Insurance plans can offer.” With access to 24/7 assistance from travel insurance specialists, Allianz Global Assistance promises to assist you while you are away through any situation that comes up.

Allianz Travel Insurance Advantages:

allianz travel insurance review
Allianz travel insurance review

It is true that Allianz Global Assistance provides a selection of choices when it comes which it covers. In actuality, in our review of the best travel insurance firms, it had been called the” best for extended trips” because it is one of the only companies around to pay trips around a year in length. Allianz has plans that call for a fee for constant international and national coverage if you are a frequent traveler.

That flexibility does not carry over to its policy amounts. While Allianz does have many different programs (five for single trips and four-yearly ), you are pretty much stuck with all the policy amounts in each tier.

As an example, if you’re just going across the border to Canada and wanted a strategy with high medical care but less in an emergency evacuation, Allianz does not provide anything that fits your requirements. That stands in contrast to firms like IMG, which allow you to select coverage limits from anywhere between $50,000 and $1 million and deductibles from $0 to $2,500.

Unlike other suppliers, Allianz also does not have any add-on policy for” extreme” activities like moped riding or scuba diving. Together with other companies, this supplemental policy accounts for search and rescue expenses and non-emergency evacuations associated with these high-risk activities. Granted, this will not matter to each traveler — not everybody is arranging a helicopter tour on their next holiday — but it contradicts Allianz’s claim that it covers” every sort of trip.”

Allianz Travel perks for Households: Allianz Travel Insurance Reviews

Allianz Global Assistance provides a perk for one large section of travelers: families. With the OneTrip Premier Plan and the OneTrip Prime Plan, children age 17 and under are covered for free when traveling with a parent or grandparent. We enjoyed Travelex better for families — its policies cover children for free with more generous coverage limitations — but it is always wise to compare quotes and determine which has the best rates for your trip.

Few plan limitations

Allianz places restrictions on what sorts of excursions or travelers it will cover. While many companies we looked at $50,000 at cap policy, anything is covered by Allianz up. This will not apply to holidays, but we appreciated the willingness of the company.

Allianz provides travelers irrespective of their age with coverage. This is uncommon, with many companies restricting coverage.

Annual Programs available

Travelers may want to take advantage of Allianz’s plans, which cover a number of trips. This is a solution for business travelers who make frequent trips. Not only could it save money, but additionally, it spares you the trouble of signing up for a plan.

Four plans are offered by Allianz. The least expensive plan, AllTrips Basic (which provides $20,000 in medical but no trip cancellation insurance), is excellent for students studying overseas or for individuals taking extended backpacking trips. The AllTrips Premier Plan, on the other hand, extends its coverage to $50,000, along with $2,000 for trip cancellation.

Useful mobile program

This could be a one-stop-shop for all your info as you’re on your trip double-check your coverage information, keep tabs on your flight and hotel bookings, and find the nearest hospital in the event of an emergency.

We found it to be perfectly intuitive and functional on our test runs, though it got some less-than-stellar testimonials from other clients, making 2.4 stars on the App Store and 2.4 on Google Play. Users had difficulty creating an account and logging in, though Allianz appears to have addressed a number of these bugs.

Travel delay

Allianz requires a trip is postponed for three or more hours (and for a covered reason) before trip delay benefits will kick. This is a policy, in contrast to some businesses that need a delay period. Trawick International, as an instance, states your flight has to be postponed for a full 12 hours before it pays for things like food and hotel rooms. Allianz is a bit more generous in a pinch.

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Allianz Travel Insurance Reviews: Few Negative Points

allianz travel insurance review
Allianz travel insurance review
  • Not flexible for preexisting conditions

You must be aware of the preexisting requirements coverage of Allianz Prior to making a purchase. Allianz has a general exclusion for preexisting conditions, so losses that result from a condition will not be covered without a waiver.

Allianz does include a waiver, but you will have to purchase your policy within 14 days of the payment to your trip. Our travel specialists recommended doing it all at once.

  • No reimbursement for lost passports

Although Allianz accepts stolen or lost passports as a reason for canceling your trip, you won’t be reimbursed by the business for the costs of replacing them. It will provide detailed instructions regarding ways to replace them, but this is essentially free information you’ll be able to get anywhere without paying for a policy.

It was not a feature for us every other travel insurance provider did — although we found it odd that did not reimburse for passports.

  • Unimpressive customer support

Our customer service experiences with Allianz weren’t exceptional. We discovered hold times to be more than ordinary, and if we were eventually connected with a rep, they did not provide much info beyond what was recorded on the corporation’s website. No one was rude or unprofessional, but we could see this going from slightly annoying to majorly frustrating if we had to take care of a claim disagreement.

  • Lacks common add-ons

We were disappointed with the lack of the company. While most companies offer a” Cancel for Any Reason” update, with Allianz, you are stuck with its normal trip cancellation policy. This means that you’ll only get back your money if you are canceling for an approved reason like sickness or severe weather and because getting reimbursed often entails submitting thorough documentation, “Cancel for Any Reason” is a practical feature for people who want an entirely worry-free policy.

Final Words: Allianz Travel Insurance Reviews

We wouldn’t suggest going with insurance on a trip and neither would our specialists. In actuality, countries beyond the U.S. are not required to accept your private insurance. You could be still inconvenienced by it if it does be accepted by the hospital. “Many hospitals outside the U.S., should you not have travel insurance and would like to use your personal insurance, will ask you to cover them and, then, file with your insurance carrier upon returning home,” states Luxury Travel Adviser Kyle Bruening. “If you have travel insurance, then the travel insurance carrier will negotiate for you and typically the hospital will accept your travel insurance.”

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