Appcoiner Review – Legit Or Scam Complete Reviews 2021

Appcoiner Review: AppCoiner claims it is a simple method that will help you earn money by analyzing apps and provide opinions about them through writing brief reviews.

However, is AppCoiner a scam, or is it a fantastic and legit way to get paid for sharing your view?

Allow me to show right away that you will find many things you’re not told, and what you’ll get is quite different from what the sales page guarantees.

This AppCoiner review will reveal every detail, so you know what you’re getting into prior to linking. In this article, I will discuss Appcoiner Review.

Appcoiner Review: What’s AppCoiner

AppCoiner is somewhat different from most other websites I review here on since it isn’t as such a questionnaire or Get-Paid-To website.

It’s instead a website where you can get paid to test programs and review them. As it’s still a way to supposedly get paid to provide comments and share your comments, I thought it’d still be interesting to test how it works.

What I discovered was VERY different from what I anticipated. But more about that later. Let us first discuss what the idea behind AppCoiner is.

The idea is in fact quite simple. Apps need reviews from actual users to be found and more favorable reviews make it more likely people will download and use the programs.

You may then by connecting AppCoiner gets access to analyzing new programs and gets paid to write reviews about them.

Since AppCoiner itself explains — it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Sounds great to have the ability to test programs and get paid to share your view about them right?

It sounds simple and good, but what I discovered after putting in my email was something quite different than an effortless procedure. Here you can check the complete review about Appcoiner Review and Legit or scam.

Appcoiner Review: What happens after you join?

When you join, the sales pitch actually starts.

At this time you’ve given your email, so they can contact you with offers, and you aren’t informed exactly what the email will be used for before connecting.

When I came to another page, it became clear that it was nothing like the free survey and get-paid-to websites I usually recommend and examine here.

As soon as you’ve gone through the entire sales pitch that’s on this page, which is filled with warning signs I’ll explain more about later, you finally see it’s not free to join.

Apparently, you must pay $27 to join and get access to the software that will assist you to make money in this way.

You’re told nothing about this cost on the initial site, and I think it’s extremely sneaky to get one to put in your email to join until you’re told there will be a fee.

This is certainly a significant warning sign.

That is however not the only warning sign. There are a lot more, and you will need to know what these are since this could help you learn what the site actually provides and if it’s worth the investment.

Appcoiner Review: warning signs!

As previously mentioned, AppCoiner has a lot of warning signals including the fact that you’re not told there will be a cost to join, until after you’ve given your email to join. In this Appcoiner Review, I will also discuss red flags and other things about Appcoiner Review.

Appcoiner Review: Other warning signs include:

  • Red flag #1

You are not told what you will actually be doing:
It looks like all you will need to do to make it on AppCoiner would be to test programs and write reviews about them. It’s however not quite as simple.

There are websites where you are able to get paid to download programs and examine them but AppCoiner isn’t among them.

Rather than getting paid straight on AppCoiner, it feels like you must write a review of a program, that will then be posted onto a standardized site.

The idea is that this site will attract visitors, and you’ll get paid if the people coming to your site clicks the ads on the content you’ve written.

This is however very different from what you’re told. This for example means you won’t automatically be paid when you have written a review, as the sales page type guarantees.

You will only get compensated if people come to the website. And you would require a good deal of traffic coming to this site to make any real money.

And traffic is not really easy to find. It requires a whole lot of time and effort or a large budget, and you’re told nothing about this before you join.

This is nothing whatsoever like getting paid for providing comments on such survey websites, and it isn’t at all what you’re told before joining.

  • Red flag #2

Misleading earnings calculator: On the sales page, you can see a calculator that’s supposed to give you an idea about how much you can make on AppCoiner.

Appcoiner Review

I’ve observed similar calculators on a site such as for example PaidSurveysAtHome, where you’re also not at first told you really have to pay to join.

The issue with a calculator in this way is that it can be extremely misleading.

It gives you the impression it is going to be quite easy and quick to make money, but there’s not any guarantee you such as will find this amount per poll the calculator shows.

Under the calculator you can also find this written in little letters too — it states “This calculator is only to be applied as an illustration of figures that will be potentially earned. The results from this calculator aren’t typical or ensured.”

This clearly proves that you should not take this calculator and the possibility this shows into consideration.

  • Red flag #3

The entire business model is insecure: You’re explained that app developers will need to have reviews to be discovered, and for that reason, it’s possible to get paid to do this.

It’s a fact that getting reviews is important for programmers and can help them be found. But it would be quite risky for them to cover this, and thus, it is unlikely an app that this would be allowed quite long.

A guy in Italy was for example sentenced to jail for selling fake testimonials, and review websites generally do what they can to prevent this.

So the idea itself isn’t sustainable.

But as I also have shown, this is truly not what you may get access to, since you only need to post reviews on a standardized site, where it’ll be very tricky to get traffic and earnings.

The inconsistency of the claims of AppCoiner is another big warning sign,

  • Red flag #4

You need to give an email before viewing you have to cover: The last major warning sign I wish to address here is how you need to provide your email in a box in which it seems like you’re joining and obtaining a membership.

This isn’t a linking box, but only a means to receive your email, and after that, you can then see it’ll cost money to join.

If you’re utilized to connecting legit survey and feedback sites, you will very probably feel that once you put in your email, you’ll receive access to the member’s area — I know, I anticipated this.

This is just not what’s happening — this is in my opinion a sneaky trick and a major warning sign.

If it really was such a fantastic and easy way to generate money, would there then not be more transparency?

Appcoiner Review: Can you make money with AppCoiner?

So is it possible to really earn money with AppCoiner?

In theory, you can make money by having a site with reviews and generating leads via affiliate marketing and ads.

It’s definitely a true way to generate money and it’s legit. BUT it won’t be as simple as AppCoiner asserts . And I highly doubt AppCoiner’s strategy can allow you to earn much.

Even if it did, all of the reviews you write are owned by someone else, and they could at any moment down or close take away your reviews. Therefore it would be a risky strategy.

There are however several favorable AppCoiner reviews on the internet that claim it’s as simple as the sales page does.

Be careful about blindly believing these. The way some folks earn money on AppCoiner is by boosting it. It offers commissions to individuals that promote it and get people to join.

Therefore some people are prepared to say what is necessary to get you to join and make a commission. I am not saying all favorable reviews of AppCoiner are fake.

I am only saying to take a better look at them before considering them. The ones I’ve seen are more or less simply repeating what the sales page is saying with no nuances and without giving you the complete info.

Be aware that the main reason for this could be that they get paid if they get you to join.

Appcoiner Review: Conclusion

You can get paid for analyzing programs on websites like or You can get paid up to $10 for testing a program that ought to take about 20 minutes. This sounds great and is fine to make a little extra cash every month but you’ll be limited in the numbers of programs that are offered to test monthly.

Another site offering to pay for testing programs is But don’t get too excited because the cover is only $0.50 to $1 for every review.

Using the affiliate marketing model suggested by App Coiner is also an alternative. There are a number of affiliate programs available that cover when someone downloads a program. This is referred to as cost-per-action advertising.

Amazon and other affiliate networks encourage programs. Write reviews and feature a link to Amazon or the network where they can buy the app and you’ll earn a tiny commission.

The method App Coiner promotes could be a way of earning money online. Boost programs and other mobile-related products. But before you begin, get some fantastic training so that you know how to write reviews that will both convert and rank on the first page of the search engines.

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