Bananatic Review – Legit Or Scam Review in 2021

Bananatic Review: If you’re a gamer or just like playing games online and are searching for ways to earn a little extra money, you probably have struck Bananatic.

Bananatic is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website that promises to reward you for playing games. You don’t often find this sort of GPT website, so obviously, you may wish to confirm if this is the real deal or not.

So, is Bananatic legit? Allow me to answer this question straight away so we can get to other significant things about this GPT website. Yes, Bananatic is a legit GPT website that will pay you for playing games.

Yes, you read that right. You may earn rewards for having fun by playing games. But is this website worth your time though?

This Bananatic review will analyze every detail of the website so that you can decide if it’s an excellent match for you or not.

Bananatic Review: Bananatic Overview:

As already mentioned previously, Bananatic is a GPT website that will benefit you for playing games. Normally, GPT websites will request that you complete offers that involve answering surveys and other smaller tasks.

But Bananatic is somewhat more unique. Instead of those kinds of offers, you’ll be asked to play games. In addition, they have other ways for you to earn rewards.

To understand the potential of the GPT website, let us take a good look at how you’re going to have the ability to earn benefits from this website.

Here are how you can make money with Bananatic:

Bananatic Review: Play Games and make money

The most important way you can earn rewards is by playing games.

As soon as you complete the registration (I will discuss the registration procedure later), you can log into the website and see all of the games you can play with.

As seen from the picture above, each game has a corresponding reward. To be able for the reward though, you’ll need to fulfill a certain requirement. Most prerequisites will ask you to get to a specific degree or complete a certain quest.

If you’re into games, you’ll almost certainly enjoy earning from this website. This is their equivalent of paid supplies. Rather than signing up to a website or answering a questionnaire, you’ll be asked to play games.

As soon as you satisfy the needs of the game, the reward will then be credited to a Bananatic account.

Bananatic Review

Bananatic Review: Cashback Offers

Bananatic also provides cashback rewards, but not in how you expect them to be.

Normally, on cashback sites, you’ll get a certain amount (a kind of rebate) for your purchase you make on an internet shop.

But in Bananatic’s case, rather than receiving a particular amount, you’ll be rewarded with bananas (which is the money they use, thus the name).

The majority of the offers will permit you to receive a specific number of bananas for every Euro you spend on buy from their partner store.

It is not just like what happens on regular cashback sites, but the procedure remains the same. You spend a little bit of cash, and in return, you are going to get something back from Bananatic.

Bananatic Review: Offer Walls

You may normally encounter offer walls on different GPT websites. This is the main way of making on most GPT websites and Bananatic also offers them.

If you have been a part of other GPT websites, this way of earning will be quite familiar to you. For the uninitiated, the idea is pretty simple. You simply choose which provides a wall that you need to do and click on it.

Then you’ll see a list of supplies you can take. Each offer will reward you with a particular number of bananas.

The majority of the offers you see on these provide walls will request you to complete a survey, register to a website, answer quizzes or set up mobile programs.

You just have to bear in mind that every offer will have specific conditions that will need to be met before you may get the reward.

Bananatic Review: Use Bananapedia and make money

As a member of Bananatic, you also have the opportunity to earn rewards by adding entries to their Bananapedia. You can do that by writing an article or producing a movie. If you decide to create a movie, you’ll need to upload the movie via YouTube and connect your YouTube accounts to Bananatic.

There’s not a great deal of information on the benefits you’ll receive for making movies, but generally, in my experience, the more the movie, the more rewards you’ll get.

If you choose to write an article rather, the reward you’ll get will be dependent on the amount of your membership.

If you’re a basic member, you’ll earn 100 bananas per post. If you’re a premium member, you’ll receive 200 bananas. And if you’re a master member, you’ll receive 500 bananas.

Besides the bananas, you’ll also get experience points that will be used to level up your account (I will discuss this later).

Bananatic Review

It’s important to be aware that if you write an article, you need to make sure that the guide is exceptional, so copyright laws will be implemented.

The subjects you can write about will vary from sport tutorials, news about patches or other alterations, game events, seller competitions, or basically anything about the website.

Bananatic has its own platform for submitting the report and it’s pretty simple to use, in my view.

Bananatic Review: Make Money by watching videos

Bananatic also lets you earn rewards by viewing videos.

When you get into the Watch Videos part of Bananatic, all you’ve got to do is click on the play button and begin watching the video. You will then find a timer over the video.

The timer will signify the number of bananas you’ve earned from viewing videos. Every second you spend watching a movie will allow the timer to run.

The more time you watch movies, the more peanuts you will earn. In my view, it is going to take quite a while to make a banana. You practically have to shell out approximately 1000 seconds merely to earn 1 banana.

So, it is in factn’t a very effective way to earn rewards on the website. In my opinion, you’ll be better of spending your time playing games or completing offers on their offer walls.

Bananatic Review: Referral Program

You may also refer friends and others to the website so as to earn rewards.

Their referral program is really easy. You’ll have the ability to earn $1 for every person you called and registers to be a member. They do need to make at least 500 bananas before you will get the $1.

It’s a fairly simple procedure. All you’ve got to do in order to refer a man or woman is give them your referral link. You can also invite people to join Bananatic via Facebook and Twitter.

Bananatic Review: How do you get paid?

Now you understand how to make it from Bananatic, it is time to find out more about how you are going to get paid from this website. In the end, this is among the most important aspects to understand.

Bananatic has many payment options available, such as PayPal. This is an excellent sign because they have guaranteed you’ll have the ability to redeem the bananas you have earned (think of these bananas as reward points).

If you’re interested in other sites which pay via PayPal, I urge you to check out the top survey sites that pay via PayPal.

Apart from PayPal, you can swap the bananas you have gathered into Steam Wallet money, game codes, in-game money, Amazon gift cards, as well as Visa prepaid cards.

If you wish to redeem a Visa prepaid card, the minimum amount you may withdraw is $5. That’ll cost 2500 bananas.

If you would like to swap your bananas with game codes, in-game money or items, the least expensive reward is only going to price 250 bananas (Steam arbitrary key). There are other benefits, but they cost more.

There’s another way for you to earn rewards, but it is not a sure thing. You can combine their Bananabet and acquire in-game things and rewards. You’ll need to wager a certain number of bananas to combine.

If you win, you’ll get the prize. Otherwise, the wager will be deducted from your account balance.

It’s not a really fantastic way to earn rewards, but if you feel lucky, you can win amazing rewards for much less than what they cost if you traded them in their payment gateway.

Bananatic Review: How much money can you make?

The amount you will earn from Bananatic depends on how active you are on the website.

The majority of the offers available on Bananatic do not really pay well, so you will have to play a good deal of games, complete lots of supplies and write articles or create videos merely to collect enough bananas.

This is the significant drawback of this GPT website. However, if you like to play games, earning rewards will become a secondary priority since they do have a lot of games you can choose from.

So, if you’re planning to join this website, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re in it only for the money. There are far better GPT websites out there that will permit you to earn more.

Bananatic is mainly a GPT website for players, in my view. The way they structure their stage is like a match.

By way of instance, they have a level-up system set up for your account. The more matches, offers and other activities you do, the more experience you get.

The more experience you have, the greater your account level is. They do not have much information about what you get for leveling up your accounts, but in my experience, leveling up your accounts will normally mean more benefits. This can be a fantastic way to enhance your earnings on the website.

Think of this system as a way to incentivize members that are extremely active on the website.

Bananatic Review: Can you use it on mobile?

Another fantastic quality of Bananatic is its simplicity of use. You’ll have the ability to work on supplies and other activities on the website from your mobile device.

As you can see in the photograph above, Bananatic includes a standalone portable program you can download so that you can work even if you aren’t in front of the pc.

The mobile app works on both Android and iOS apparatus, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility. Additionally it is fairly simple to use, which is one of the advantages of the mobile program.

This is a fantastic thing really, considering the earning potential of the site is really low. This will at least, help in enabling you to take advantage of your time effectively.

With the support of their mobile program, you may slowly accumulate bananas so that you can swap them for rewards.

Bananatic Review: Who will join Bananatic?

Bananatic is available for everybody. When you join, it will either request that you join through your Facebook accounts, Google accounts, or email.

Remember when I said that their platform is organized more like a match? Well, that holds true even during the enrollment procedure.

As you can see in the photograph above, as soon as you opt for any of the 3 sign-up procedures, you will then need to select a name for your account, just as you would normally do when creating a character in a game.

You will then need to go through a series of straightforward questions. Then you’ll get to the part where you can earn a bonus for registering as a member.

You will earn 50 bananas right from the beginning and when you choose to join their newsletter or receive notifications, you’ll also get a total of 150 bananas all whatsoever.

It is not much but in my view, this is a fairly wonderful bonus. This is because it lets you have a head start at collecting bananas and considering the lowest-priced reward only costs 250 bananas, you will be more than halfway to your first reward.

As soon as I said it’s available for everybody, they do not really say that on their site. Alternatively, you will see it when you experience their enrollment procedure. The enrollment will not ask you for your place or even your age.

That means they do not care where you live or how old you are. But if you would like to withdraw your earnings through PayPal, you’ll need to be at least 18 years of age or older to be able to achieve that. Just bear this in mind before registering.

Bananatic Review: Can you get support?

If you will need to contact their support staff, you may use their contact form to do so.

Apart from that, they also have an FAQ section that covers the majority of the fundamental topics. You can even combine their forums if you would like to search for the answers yourself.

1 unique thing about Bananatic they have a conversation function where you can talk to other members of the website. You can discuss various topics and you can also request tips from fellow members.

In my view, this is one unique way of getting help. Overall, they have an adequate means of providing support for their own members.

Bananatic Review: Conclusion

Bananatic is a site that operates like a GPT(Get Paid To), but it’s a gaming system, where you are able to earn money while playing games.

There are hundreds of games on Bananatic in which you earn a few bucks by playing games and completing simple tasks like downloading the game watching the movies, write a review, write posts, and so forth.

Bananatic has its own money namely bananas, which can be transferred to PayPal, purchase amazon cards, and so forth. Bananatic also features an app that you may download for Android.

I wouldn’t call Bananatic a scam but if you’re interested in finding a way to make money on the internet, Bananatic isn’t the way.

It’s excellent for fun and earns a few additional bucks playing along with the games, however, it isn’t meant to construct a successful career out of it, nor will you anticipate a sustainable income for you.

Also, there’s a gambling section in Bananatics, so you need to be careful playing in this part. Additionally, it’s recommended not to enter any sensitive information on the site.

Since Bananatics is online since 2015, it has generated trust among its followers and uses it frequently to earn a little additional money.

But definitely, Bananatics isn’t a means to build your internet business, and that is not the purpose and intention of Banantics. It’s meant to have fun when playing games and earn a few dollars per month, which is a whole waste of your time.

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