Branded Surveys Review – Good Or Bad To Make Money Online

Branded Surveys Review: In the market, there are lots of survey websites and companies claiming that they providing surveys and paying money for that. But in the market, there are also frauds and scams in the name of surveys and market research. So in this article, we are going to share about Branded Surveys Review and I will explain each and everything in depth. This is not a paid or affiliate post, I will share most details with transparency and reality about Branded Surveys Reviews.

Thank you for checking out my Branded Surveys review. There are plenty of ways to make money on the internet and among the most popular is doing online surveys. They do not pay a good deal, but for the most part, they are safe and easy. They’re also a wonderful way to get started if you have never made money online before.

With tens of thousands of Branded Surveys reviews, you will find every remark from good to poor. I’ll cover the common issues people are having, discuss how it functions and why some believe they are a scam.

Branded Surveys Review – Legit or Scam

If you have been doing online surveys for a while, you might be knowledgeable about Branded Surveys (or since they were once called Mintvine. Produced by Branded Research and based in 2012, Mintvine became a very popular survey site with great reviews… like sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

In 2017, they re-branded themselves as Branded Surveys.

They’re still the exact same marketing research firm that rewards members for taking paid surveys, only now they have a bit more style with a more user-friendly experience.

What sets them apart from others is how many surveys they have to provide (more than many, as you can see in the screenshot below)… and you can Make Money from doing daily polls in Addition to referring friends

Branded Surveys Review

The excellent thing about online survey sites, however, is that you are not confined to just 1 survey company. Along with Branded Surveys, websites like Inbox Dollars is another popular benefits website that provides surveys it is possible to complete in your free time when doing additional gigs and side hustles.

I used to push Uber for instance and discovered wait times between cyclists was an excellent time to earn additional money online (and take classes ).

You can also earn money with an online company if something more important is what you’re looking for.

You might have health challenges keeping you at home, or children to treat…

If that is the case and you want to earn a full-time revenue online, understanding how and where to begin is what you want so as to get what you need.

Branded Surveys Review: How They Work?

Like many paid survey companies, Branded Surveys works with customers that are ready to spend money on their ideas and opinions.

Some of those customers include Nielsen, JD Power, and Forrester.

The sign-up procedure is easy and open to US, Canadian, and UK residents who can either connect via Facebook or email.

Your earnings begin straight away. Once inside, you will be asked to perform a fast profile set-up that’s worth 50 points ($0.50).

1 thing I’m not especially fond of when it comes to internet surveys is sharing private information, but I also know why it is necessary…

To establish your demographic and determine which polls are best suited to you, they will need to understand who you are, where you live, and so forth. Unfortunately, it is a process that some might get a little invasive.

And, to be clear… this is not specific to Branded Surveys. If you are doing polls with any market research firm, at some stage you might be asked questions such as your income, that you bank with, the number of people in your household, their age, health history, etc…

In regards to legit survey sites, they are simply trying to establish your particular demographic and the kinds of surveys they ought to send you.

Needless to say, you can tell them anything you would like… but you will find variations of these exact questions through the surveys they send you and if your answers do not fit, you will be disqualified.

This is one reason some folks complain that they never qualify, but others talk about how good the polls are.

Who can join Branded Surveys: Branded Surveys Review

Branded Surveys is for the casual online revenue earner who isn’t seeking to replace their occupation but enjoys earning a couple of extra dollars and gift cards in their spare time.

Along with Branded, you can even earn cash with Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars.

Or course, surveys do not pay a good deal of money but they are a fantastic way to begin on the internet, and they can lead to bigger things later on.

Who can not join Branded Surveys:

If you’re looking for something more important, as stated previously, Branded Surveys and other survey sites might only be something to do along with other work-at-home tasks and hustlers.

Health issues, kids, or a job that’s causing you stress may be keeping you at home.

If that’s true, understanding how (and where) to begin is what you want so as to get what you need.

Branded Surveys Review: Payouts

The sum you can earn with Branded Surveys raises as you earn points and badges.

There are 3 badges…

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Badges are earned by collecting points.

100 survey points = $1.00
You begin with your Bronze badge, and you need 600 points to attain Silver.

The bronze to Silver — 600 points
Silver to Gold — 2100 points
Badges are significant because the higher your badge, the more points you earn.

Branded Surveys Review: How to make money Branded Survey

Like most market research and benefits websites, money is calculated in points.

  • 1 point equals 1 cent…
  • 100 points are $1.00 etc…

Points can be exchanged for various retail, restaurant, and entertainment gift cards in addition to money via PayPal or Branded Pay (pay).

There are numerous gift card options, which range from retailers (like Walmart, Target, Staples as well as auto parts and clothing stores) to restaurants, travel, amusement, and prepaid cards such as Visa just to mention a few.

They also supply a donation option.

Online Surveys – Pay per poll ranges between 10 to 300 points, and the average survey length is approximately 10 — 20 minutes.

Survey Streak — Gold and Silver members can earn extra points for completing a certain number of surveys within seven days…

Silver Badge — 10 polls in 7 days are worth 100 points, and 30 polls will get you 150 points.
Gold Badge — 10 polls in 7 days are worth 200 points, and 30 polls will get you 300 points.
Local Bargains — these are savings from local companies you will find listed on your dashboard (if available in your area).

Daily Polls — They do not pay much, but they are quick and easy…

Bronze — make 5 points
Silver — earn seven points
Gold — make 10 points
Refer-a-Friend — Silver Badge members earn 50 points for every referral and Gold Badge members earn 100 points. (Bronze Badges do not qualify for the refer-a-friend app).

Is Branded Surveys Legit Or Scam:

You will find tens of thousands of paid survey sites on the internet, and while lots of them are scams… Branded Surveys isn’t among them.

Having said this, there are valid reasons to ask the question, this is making-money-online after all, and there is an infinite number of scams.

With Branded Surveys (as with paid survey companies), you will spend a whole lot of time completing surveys that you might wind up not qualifying for. To soften the blow, Branded Surveys will still pay you 5 points (5 cents) when this occurs. It is not a lot, but better than other survey companies who do not pay anything.

You may also encounter problems like being locked out of your accounts or your points not being accepted… and if you are a suspicious individual, you might think that they’re trying to scam you.

There are certain sites out there that use these strategies to avoid paying, but, Branded isn’t that type of website.

These issues are common with each survey website. Whether you think it is a scam or not depends upon how much you trust them.

For example… you will find (if you have read the reviews), if some people tried to cash out, their points weren’t approved.

There are numerous reasons for this… but the major one is said in their terms of service.

“Additionally, User understands that payments come from revenue generated by the Third Parties. Consequently, User acknowledges and agrees that if, for any reason, an advertiser doesn’t cover Branded, Branded reserves the right to withhold the consumers’ share of said earnings.”

Branded Surveys Reviews and Complaints: Quick Summary

For the most part, the reviews are positive, and there are a whole lot of them that are a very good sign. From different blogs to review websites like Trust Pilot, people are saying great things.

The ordinary positives are…

  • Wide assortment of surveys and lots of them.
  • Good customer support.
  • Guaranteed points by performing daily surveys.
  • Not all of the reviews are great though… and Branded Surveys would not be a legit company without a couple of complaints.

Some problems mentioned are…

  • Repetitive questions.
  • Some polls get closed until they are finished (however they provide a way to report these problems and you might be compensated with points for attempting the survey)
  • Low cover (but to be clear, this is true with ALL survey websites ).
  • 1 reason for repetitive questions is to identify scammers that aren’t taking surveys seriously. A frequent problem with survey websites is members that rush through the questions before reading them, just trying to make money as quickly as possible.

However, Branded Surveys is responsible for supplying their customers with accurate research, and insistent questions are a safeguard to affirm survey takers are paying attention.

A number of instances of different answers to similar questions are 1 reason a user might be locked from their account also.

1 thing that impressed me about Branded Surveys is that they respond to negative reviews, which is a great indicator they not care about (and are in-touch with) their associates, but they’re also open to criticisms and working to make improvements.

That’s probably a major reason they now have a 4.4 rating at TrustPilot with over 28,000 reviews.

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