BTCclicks review – Legit or Scam Complete Review

BTCclicks review: BTCClicks is a Paid-To-Click (PTC) website that promises to pay you for viewing and clicking ads.

If you’re interested in finding great sites to earn a little extra money, you may have already encountered this site.

However, is BTCClicks legit or a scam website to steer clear of?

This is a legitimate question to ask and a logical one also. You will need to be certain that you join a legit website so that your time will not be wasted doing supplies you won’t make money from.

Thus, to answer this important question, yes, BTCClicks is a legit PTC website. But is it worth your time though?

This is exactly what this BTCClicks review will find out for you. After reading this review, you can learn if this website will fulfill your needs or not.

So, let us go right ahead and have a close look at this PTC website.

BTCclicks review: What’s BTCClicks?

As mentioned before, BTCClicks is a PTC website that will pay you for clicking ads. It is one of the simpler PTC websites out there today.

Normally, there are loads of things you can do on PTC websites. However, with BTCClicks, you only really have a few strategies to earn rewards.

So, let us take a good look at ways to earn from BTCClicks.

BTCclicks review: Click Ads

The most important way you can make from BTCClicks is by clicking advertisements.

As you can see in the photograph above, you will see all of the details for every offer. You will see the necessary time for you to see the advertisement before you will get the reward.

The majority of the offers will ask you to remain a minimum of 10 seconds on the webpage which will be opened. Some supplies will ask you to remain on the page for at least 30 minutes.

When you click on an ad offer, it is going to open a new window and you must see it for the necessary amount of time. Then, a captcha pop-up will appear asking you to confirm if you aren’t a robot.

Simply complete the captcha and await the message on the top of the window stating that you have received the reward. After that appears, you may then close the window and proceed to another offer.

It’s a fairly straightforward method of earning rewards, in my estimation, which is exactly what I like about the website.

However, you want to be mindful that you don’t get a lot per advertisement so you need to click a good deal of ads to make any real money (more about the earnings potential of BTCClicks afterward).

BTCclicks review: Referral Program

You’ll also have the ability to earn on BTCClicks by referring friends to their website.

To refer someone to the website, you can send them your referral link. When they complete the registration process, they will then become your direct referral.

You can also refer people using referral banners. All you’ve got to do is use the embed code provided in your referral dash and upload it to a webpage on your site or blog if you have one.

Every person who clicks the banner and registers to BTCClicks will become your direct referral. Then you’ll make an 80% commission for each ad your referral clicks.

It’s a fairly significant percentage, in my estimation. But then again, it is going to depend on your direct referral will remain active on the website. So, there isn’t any guarantee you will truly get from this method.

You could also rent referrals. They offer this in order for you to maximize your earnings. It is possible to rent a referral for 5 days using the benefits you have earned from clicking advertisements.

The referrals you can rent are those members that have registered to the website without being known by someone. Additionally, they must have clicked 15 ads in the past five days.

BTCclicks review

It can be a fantastic way to earn extra rewards. However, you need to be careful with this and not be carried away by renting too many, or else, you may wind up losing your earnings rather than earning more.

This is because there’s actually no guarantee you’ll have the ability to earn your cashback when leasing referrals. That’s why you must plan this out carefully before you do this.

BTCclicks review: How do you get paid?

The BTC in BTCClicks stands for Bitcoin. If you’re not knowledgeable about Bitcoins, it’s a payment network which it is possible to consider as a new type of money. To put it simply, it’s a digital currency you may use to pay for some online transactions.

I am describing to you what Bitcoin is as this is the money BTCClicks is using (hence the title ). For each and every advertisement you click, you will earn a specific amount of miliBitcoins (mBTC).

As soon as you reach the minimum payout amount of 0.10000 mBTC, you’ll have the ability to withdraw your earnings into your Bitcoin account. To put it into perspective, 0.10000 mBTC is equal to about $1.

It’s a fairly low threshold to achieve. But then again, this also means won’t actually get to make a lot for every ad you click on (I will discuss this next).

There’s not any additional payment system offered on BTCClicks. Thus, if you do not have a Bitcoin account, it really does not make any sense to become a member of BTCClicks.

You need to create a Bitcoin account if you’re planning to be a part of BTCClicks.

And if you’re interested in earning Bitcoin, there are better sites, in my own experience. You may check out the top sites that provide Bitcoin as a reward here.

BTCclicks review: How much money can you make?

Allow me to just say it at once. You won’t have the ability to make a whole lot of cash from BTCClicks.

If you have a peek at the ad offers on their website, the most you can make from clicking an advertisement is 0.00005 mBTC. This is the deal that will ask you to observe the advertisement for 30 seconds.

You need to click 2000 of those ad offers before you can reach the BTCClicks payout threshold. That’s a good deal of ads to click and quite a while to wait because there aren’t a lot of this sort of offers available on their website.

Most supplies will pay less. So, you’ll have to double the number of ads you need to click simply to get to the threshold.

They do have the possibility to boost your earnings. You can accomplish it by upgrading your membership level.

You may become a premium member and you’ll receive certain benefits like greater rewards for every ad you click and greater referral click reward.

You may become a premium member for 3 months, 6 months, or annually. The longer the length of the membership, the more it costs. You may just cover this subscription update using Bitcoins.

I’m personally not a fan of this”spend more to make more” type of updates because it actually just defeats the purpose of linking a site like this.

In my view, it just defeats the entire purpose of joining the site as you’re supposed to earn at no cost, right? But this does not mean you can not avail of the offer.

All I am really saying is before you update your membership, you need to have a good plan of earning the money you invested for the update. So think it over before you commit.

BTCclicks review

BTCclicks review: Can you use it on mobile?

Fortunately, you’ll have the ability to earn better on BTCClicks. I’m saying this as you’ll have the ability to click on ads and earn rewards using your mobile device.

They do not possess a mobile app you can download onto your mobile device, but you’ll have the ability to access their website with a mobile web browser.

Their website is optimized for mobile usage. That means you should not have any problems navigating through their site using a mobile device.

And since it’ll only involve you clicking on ads, it won’t really pose much of a problem if you work on it on your mobile device.

This, at least, ensures you can earn better on the website though it’ll still not be very efficient in comparison to many other methods of earning online.

BTCclicks review: Who can join BTCClicks?

Possibly the one thing I enjoy about BTCClicks is it does not have any geographical restrictions on who can join their website.

You’ll have the ability to register as a member irrespective of where you live. Plus, the sign-up procedure is extremely straightforward.

You only need to fill up the sign-up form, confirm your account using the confirmation email you will receive and you’re ready to go.

You can then begin earning on this website. Needless to say, as already mentioned, you must be certain to have a Bitcoin account so as to draw your earnings.

1 thing to note, just one member per family is permitted to join their site.

BTCclicks review: Customer support?

BTCClicks also provides ample support for the members. They have an FAQ section that covers the majority of the typical questions you will encounter on the website.

And in case you have any questions which weren’t answered in their FAQ section, you may use the contact form provided on their site to get in contact with their support staff.

They’ve got a Facebook page you may see, but it has not been active for quite a while now.

So, in case you really want to speak to them, I advise you to use the contact form rather than messaging them via Facebook.

BTCclicks review: Conclusion

Working on BTCclicks is extremely straightforward as we do on other PTC websites. The principal method to make money on BTCclicks is by watching the advertiser’s web page.

To begin, you must visit the ads page where the ads will be displayed as shown below. A whole lot of BTC ads will be accessible with remain time and cover for visiting the page cited on the side. The cover will vary for every advertisement which directly affected the total time spent on the page.

The member should click on a link to start viewing the ad. When clicked, the ad will load in a new page. The ad has to be viewed until the timer finishes.

After the timer finishes, a captcha will load as shown below. The member must address the captcha to show that he’s an individual user and not employing any robots to automate the procedure.

After solving the captcha, the system will immediately charge the indicated amount into the account.

Continue to see all of the ads listed to make more bitcoins on BTC clicks. The ad rate will change daily depending on the fluctuation of this Bitcoin price.

BTCClicks is a valid PTC website that pays you for clicking ads. It’s one of those high-paying Bitcoin PTC websites on the planet. They have a fantastic custom site design to give the best user experience. There is a range of payment proofs available on the internet to find that people are cashing out.

Formerly BTCClicks account and support security of the site wasn’t secure. Now they’ve improved their security features to protect member accounts such as adding two-factor authentication, email verification to alter BTC addresses.

Thus BTC Clicks being legit is one of the most recommended PTC websites to make money on the web.

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