Bzzagent Review – Legit Or Scam in 2021

Bzzagent Review: BzzAgent is a market research panel that claims to cover you for participating in the activities they provide.

But, will this website do what it claims? To put it differently, is BzzAgent a scam? Or is it a legit and secure online rewards platform?

All of these are logical questions to ask considering so that you don’t wind up wasting your time.

Well, allow me to just answer it straight away. Yes, BzzAgent does exactly what it claims to be. It’s definitely a legit website.

But this does not necessarily mean it’s a fantastic idea to combine their panel. This BzzAgent review will tell you all you will need to know about the website so you can decide if it’s really for you or not.

So let us get the buzz going. In this Bzzagent Review, we will cover every topic of Buzzagent and how you can make money with it.

Bzzagent Review: What’s BzzAgent?

To put it simply, is a stage that will permit you to earn rewards by making a buzz on the internet, or specifically, on social networking platforms.

BzzAgent is based in Illinois and it utilizes social networking platforms as a tool to promote products and create a buzz for its customers. So, if you devote a whole lot of time to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, this may be a fantastic site for you.

But, so as to have a clear image of what this website is all about, we must have a close look at ways to earn rewards.

Here is the best way you can learn about how this site can work for you before deciding to join or not.

Bzzagent Review: The earning chance BzzCampaigns

BzzAgent does not really work just like a normal survey website. However, it does use surveys as part of its earning opportunity.

As soon as you complete the registration process, you can then log into their member dash and see whether there are some BzzCampaigns you can perform.

What’s a BzzCampaign exactly? To put it simply, this is the way you’ll earn from BzzAgent.

A BzzCampaign is an activity you can do to BzzAgent wherein you’ll need to try out a product or a service.

The method begins with you completing surveys. From time to time, BzzAgent will send questionnaire invites you ought to answer.

These surveys are intended to collect information about you. The information gathered will be used to qualify you for a particular campaign. As soon as you get an invitation to do a campaign, you’ll need to send your program to perform that effort.

If you have been chosen to do a campaign, you’ll need to confirm your address since BzzAgent will use it to send the BzzKit. This kit includes the product you’ll need to do an effort.

As soon as you get your BzzKit, you may then begin doing the campaign.

All you’ve got to do is assess the product or service and give an honest opinion about it. After that, check your inbox for the specific instructions about how you are going to share your opinion.

Usually, they will either ask you to perform a social networking post about the service or product. Sometimes, they’ll also ask you to perform a product review. Again, it is going to be based on the directions provided. So, be certain to follow the directions to the letter.

As soon as you’ve completed the campaign, they will then send you a post-campaign questionnaire you’ll need to answer. Think about this survey for a recap of everything you did for the effort.

In terms of the benefits you will get, there’s absolutely no information on their site about what you may get besides the product sent to you. Therefore, if I were to provide a conclusion, the reward would be the item which was sent to you.

In my view, this is where their program falls slightly short (I will explain why in the next section).

Bzzagent Review

Bzzagent Review: How do you get paid?

As you have noticed, there’s absolutely no clear information about what you may get from BzzAgent for finishing their campaigns (besides the product of course).

Their member dash has a Rewards segment, so there are additional things you can get from finishing campaigns though it’s not very clearly explained on the site.

You get extra rewards and points based on the grade of this BzzCampaign you do. As to the way they measure the level of your effort, unfortunately, there is not any information about it.

That is where it gets a little confusing, in my view. It’s somewhat hard to measure”quality”. If it’s regarding social media impressions (ex: enjoys, shares/retweets, comments), that would definitely be possible.

But if you leave it all to someone to evaluate the quality of a campaign, chances are, you won’t have a consistent outcome, just because it will be reliant on the perception of the individual who will assess the campaign.

In my view, it would have been better if BzzAgent needed a more specific way of assessing the quality of a campaign. If they do, then they ought to be more transparent about it and include it on their site, since this is relevant information that a possible member should know.

One thing remains clear however, you won’t have the ability to make any real money from BzzAgent.

If you’re looking for survey sites that will enable you to earn real cash on a regular basis and gather it handily, I suggest you check out the top survey sites that pay via PayPal.

Bzzagent Review: How much money can you make?

As stated, you do not get paid on this site. Rather, they’ll reward you with the product.

Thus, if you’re hoping to earn a small amount of money from BzzAgent, then, sadly, you’ll be disappointed.

But if you like getting free stuff, then this may be a good alternative for you.

As you can see in the photograph above, you will find several participating brands contained on their site.

Thus, you can expect to receive products and merchandise from some of the participating brands displayed in the photograph above.

Bzzagent Review

Bzzagent Review: Can you use it on mobile?

As to whether you will have the ability to use their platform on a mobile device, there really isn’t anything special stated on their site.

However, seeing as the campaigns will involve you with social media as a platform to talk about your opinion, then, it’s already suggested that you, sometimes, will probably have to use a mobile device so as to complete a campaign.

This is particularly true if the campaign you’ll be doing will involve sharing on Instagram.

That is because the only way that you share via Instagram is by doing a post on their mobile program. In actuality, when you look at their site, the first photograph you will see is a cellular phone showing an Instagram post.

So, this implies you will want your mobile device to take part in their activities. However, there’s no BzzAgent program you can download on your mobile device.

If you would like to get their site using a mobile device, you can do this with a mobile web browser.

The fantastic thing is, the mobile version of the website is optimized for mobile usage so that you won’t have trouble viewing the content without needing to scroll left and right or zoom in and out.

Bzzagent Review: Who can join BzzAgent?

Based on the information shared on their site, BzzAgent is only available in the US, UK, and Canada.

However, as you can see in the photograph below, it says different.

When you proceed through the registration procedure, BzzAgent will ask you to give your address. And in the nation area, there are actually plenty of countries you can choose from rather than only the US, UK or Canada.

So, there are only two things that may explain this.

One, the FAQ section on their site where it says it’s only available in 3 countries is not updated. Or two, the fact there are more than 3 choices in the nation area of the registration form is merely a design mistake on their part.

Either way though, it’s merely bad site preparation, in my estimation.

Judging from how they run their procedure though (sending BzzKits), there’s a huge probability that BzzAgent is only available from the stated 3 nations.

This is because it would pretty much be impractical for them to email you the BzzKits if you do not reside in any of those 3 countries mentioned. If they do, however, it would take a while to get the kits.

Plus, there’s a huge chance that they have offices located in the 3 nations they said, and that’s why they appeal to residents of the said nation. Unfortunately, I can not really confirm or deny that since there is not any information on their website about it.

Should you live in the US, UK, or Canada, then you might be eligible to join, so long as you are 18 years old or older. You simply have to fill out the form, confirm the email, and answer a few questions.

But overall though they can really use some work on clarifying who’s really qualified to join their website.

Bzzagent Review: Can you get support?

Besides the absence of information about the rewards you get from them, as well as who is eligible to join their site, I really do like how they present their FAQ section.

The practice of doing campaigns is laid out, which is great, in my opinion.

This reduces the questions you’ll have about the site to possibly just the two issues stated.

Plus, they do provide an email you can use if you have any questions regarding the site or your account (if you’re already a member).

They also have several social networking pages (which can be expected because they do deal with social media mainly, thus the name) which are pretty busy.

Thus, if you prefer talking to them on that kind of platform, you should be able to get a response from them rather quickly.

Overall, they have a fairly decent support system in place for their members. So, in case you ever have any inquiries, you’ll be able to attain their support team in several ways.

Bzzagent Review: Conclusion

BzzAgent is a media network, operating since 2002, that recruits”BzzAgents” to evaluate products and services and share their views on them with people they know. BzzAgent has more than one million member representatives around the world and utilizes the notion of the word of mouth communication to generate measurable results for entrepreneurs.

Influence the Biggest Brands

BzzAgent has an impressive client list which includes: L’Oréal, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, and Purina. You could be encouraged to test products from global companies and have a significant influence on the brand!

Test Merchandise

Members must get an invitation to a campaign to be able to participate. Assignments usually involve testing products and coupons/rebate offers for free samples and then writing/sharing their ideas on the newest online and on social networking.

Online Surveys

Along with analyzing products, BzzAgent invites its members to take part in quick online survey opportunities for additional points and rewards. These also help the organization it you with the ideal products that you will be eager to try.

Collect Points and Free Products

Receive MyPoints and occasionally free products in exchange for your BzzAgent participation. Feel great about sharing your view to the world and gaining something in return.

Build your BzzScore

Each member accumulates a BzzScore on a yearly basis. It ranges from zero to 10 and takes into consideration all the activities you take part in. Depending on your degree of involvement, your BzzScore can go up and down during the year. Listed below are ways to maintain your BzzScore high:

  • Putting attention and detail into your assigned actions
  • Staying Current on all the latest survey chances
  • Being an influencer by involving your fellow buddies on your BzzActivites
  • Joining your BzzAgent profile into your social networking accounts

The greater your BzzScore, the more invites you’ll get for new campaigns. You may view your BzzScore anytime from the member home page.

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