Cashback Research Review: Legit Or Scam Know Everything About it

These days an increasing number of people turn to paid survey sites as a source of additional income without researching the businesses. They spend as much time and effort completing surveys to hardly get anything in return or if anything in any way, before giving up. Here I suggest read Complete Cashback Research Review before creating an account on it.

It can be quite tough to discover a site that’s user-friendly, dependable, and really provides you with surveys to complete. Within this Hub, I share with you my Cashback Research review.

Intro According CashBack Research Website:

“Take Paid Surveys Online for Money. You won’t get rich, but you’ll get paid! Welcome To Cashback Research, a 100% free service which gives individuals like you a way to be rewarded for providing opinions in online surveys. We’re not a get-rich-quick scheme or even a realistic part-time occupation, but we’re an excellent way to make a little money and have some fun to boot!”

Cashback Research Review:

Registration And Profile Surveys

Registering for Cashback Research was quick and simple, overall the process took about 5mins and I got $5.00 for doing this and $0.05c for my initial log-in.

Note: You may earn $0.05c for your initial log in Every Day

I finished the 10 Profile Surveys that would enable Cashback Research to qualify me for future polls. The 10 Profile Survey topics included Interests, Work at Home, Education, Auto, Home, Personal Finance, Travel, Shopping, Technology, and Health. Each survey contains about 5-10 multiple choice questions, took approx 1 minute to finish, and earned $0.25c for each poll.

Hint: After completing each survey click” BEGIN” which will take you to another website beyond the Cashback Research dashboard. Wait for it to load then simply click on the” X” on this window, now refresh your dash and you’ll see your earnings growth.

Activating Access to Daily Surveys:

Not only do you will need to finish the profile surveys to trigger the daily polls, but you must register for one of the other panels (survey firms ) on the right. There were about 20 to pick from so that I signed up for one that took just under 30 minutes to complete the process, including completing the profile polls with that corporation. My polls were not activated by this after refreshing the Cashback Research Dashboard times.

Maybe I needed to register for one using the phrase” PANEL” in it, if so that’s extremely irritating. I signed up for a” Panel” and sure enough when I refreshed the dash my daily surveys were busy.

Note: I am not positive whether this has anything to do with the term” panel” in the business name or if it only took some time for the first one to enroll.

Cashback Research Bonuses:

Cashback Research Review
Cashback Research Review

Joining Bingo Cafe through the Cashback Research Dashboard earns you $2 and $20 free play, this has now been updated in my entire earnings.
Enrolling for Mega Casino (two minutes to enroll ) through Cashback Research Dashboard earns you $5 and 8 free spins.
If you register for 12 panels you get $10, so much I’ve now signed up for approximately 6. Out of the 6 3 registered.

Important information: to get credit (checkmark) for registering with a survey panel, you must be signed in to your dashboard when you click and enroll with the panel. Survey panels don’t count toward the requirements for your payout.

What Are The Issues With It?

The most important issue is how difficult it’s to qualify for polls. In the 2 months, I’ve used the site, I’ve qualified for just six surveys, and that’s by assessing every day if there was something I qualified for.

Even worse, you won’t know whether you qualify for a survey until you’ve answered at least half of the survey. After asking for your gender, age, income, education level, state of residence, and plenty of questions about your purchasing habits, almost all of the polls will announce, “Unfortunately, you don’t qualify for this survey.”

This is a huge waste of time, and it happens all of the time.

Second, the polls pay too little. 1 long survey which may take you around 20 minutes will only cover you 0,15$. Needless to say, a survey website isn’t intended to be a part-time occupation, but it still has to be worth your time!

The minimum amount you will need to withdraw your earnings will be ridiculously high at 30 USD$. It’s practically impossible to achieve that amount, despite a great deal of daily hard work.

I can only imagine that most folks give up after some time and that never needs to pay them.

Lastly, the site design isn’t pleasant rather user-friendly. I frequently got 404 errors while performing polls (which I’d likely not have qualified for anyway…). The site is littered with spelling mistakes and just does not look legit and professional.

There are problems with the login page. The website doesn’t work properly with Chrome and Firefox, which demeanor need to use Explorer to browse the site.

The website also doesn’t work well with Apple’s Safari, and it’s mostly not possible to navigate the site on a wise phone.

Cashback Research Pros:

The positive experiences I had with Cashback Research:

  • Quick and Easy Registration
  • The dashboard is clearly set out and easy to navigate
  • Quick response times to emails and trouble tickets

Cashback Research Cons:

  • Cashback Research Dashboard doesn’t show a true reflection of the number of survey panels I’ve actually joined, only 4 out of the 12 are marked as finished.
  • I do not qualify for the daily polls, or when I did, nothing was made for finishing them.
  • Two of those Panels led me to the registry page for panels I’ve already signed up for and two Panels were unavailable to enroll for (with no explanation)
  • One panel wouldn’t permit me to register because of” myself or somebody else in my home already being enrolled” with them. No one in my home is registered with this business.
  • Received warning notices for viruses when attempting to register with a few Panels
  • The $8 for linking Mega Casino has not been credited to my Dashboard
  • Earnings decreased from $9.75 to $6.05
  • The Dashboard is showing that I’ve not completed the profile polls
  • Cafe Bingo is now not assessed as being enrolled for.

Cashback Research Customer Support:

Cashback Review
Cashback Review

I got an email response to the tickets I previously created for each.

The first says they’ll credit me for 2 of the panels, however ignores the remainder of the ticket pointing out issues not letting me register with different panels. One was checked off from the two when my Dashboard refreshes only.

The next email is about this Cashback Research Dashboard resetting itself that says, they don’t know what happened to my account and they haven’t heard of this happening to some other members. The email also says they would credit me for the Bingo Cafe registration nevertheless requests that I finish the profile polls again.

I checked my dash and my earnings were raised to $8.05, but there’s still no settlement for the panels I’ve signed up for.

Cashback Research User Reviews on Internet:

Others around the internet are even less enthused about this survey site than I am. I’ve found only negative reviews about this site (except on their own Facebook page, and the positive remarks look very fishy and unnatural)

People today speak of fraud and scams. Some, like me, say it’s not possible to qualify and the minimum withdrawal amount is unattainable. I’ve discovered several reviews of consumers complaining of not getting paid even though they had the minimal amount to withdraw.

It seems it is not possible to get an answer from the site’s tech support, emails and telephone calls aren’t answered. boasts of 1,508,723 active members, but I find it quite tough to believe.

The amount of reviews I’ve found online doesn’t signify a user base of over 1.5 million users.

Final Word: Cashback Research Review

Don’t waste your time on There are survey sites that are better out there. is a waste of time: you will probably never have the ability to cash out your earnings. You may try these other best options available for an online survey like Inboxdollar, Swagbucks, Survey Voice, and much also available in the market. You can read the Best Paying Survey List here.

It’s so tough to qualify for a survey, despite the most common profile (white male, 18-35, working-class, etc.) it makes you wonder who exactly qualifies for these polls! You may feel robbed, as soon as you answer twenty questions, merely to be told you didn’t qualify. This site is bothersome and just not enjoyable to use.


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