CashPirate Review – Legit or scam to Make Side Income

CashPirate Review: Are you aware that you could really use your mobile device to make a few more bucks?

Yes, there are portable applications you can download which will permit you to make money by doing jobs or completing offers.

One such app is named CashPirate. This mobile program promises to pay you for completing offers, among other items.

Is it worth using though? That question can only be answered if we analyze what the website offers. This CashPirate review is going to do exactly just that.

Hopefully, after reading this report, you can decide if joining this website is really worth your time or not. So, let’s go ahead and check out what the site is all about.

What are CashPirate and what does it provide?

As stated, CashPirate is a mobile app that will permit you to earn rewards when you complete the supplies out there. It’s somewhat like a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site. The only distinction is, this stage is for mobile use only.

Here’s a video providing a quick overview of what the platform provides:

Now, so as to estimate the full potential of the app as a plausible website to make money, we must have a close look at how you’re going to have the ability to earn from this program. So, here are its earning opportunities.

You can check here the ways you can make money with Cashpirate. You can check each and everything about CashPirate Review in this article.

Cashpirate Review: Ways to Make Money With Cashpirate

  • Paid Offers

Since CashPirate is largely a GPT website that’s exclusive to mobile users, you can expect to make from doing paid supplies. In this CashPirate Review, we will discuss paid surveys where you can make more money with cash pirates.

As soon as you’ve installed the program and completed the registration process when you log into the website, you’ll have the ability to see all the available paid offers when you visit the Earn Coins part of this program.

As shown in the photograph above, paid supplies will ask you to download and install a program (usually a mobile game) and ask you to give it a try. Other paid supplies will ask you to answer surveys or watch movies.

Each paid offer will say how many coins you’ll earn when you finish it, in addition to instructions on what you will need to do to complete it.

CashPirate Review

The assumption for earning from paid supplies is actually simple. All you’ve got to do is follow the directions given.

So, regardless of what sort of offer you choose to do, one thing remains constant. You need to follow the instructions in the letter to get the reward promised.

As soon as you complete the offer, you’ll be rewarded with a suitable number of coins, which will be credited to a CashPirate account.

  • Referral Programs

Another way to make from CashPirate is by inviting individuals to be a member of the mobile platform. To encourage people to join CashPirate, you have to discuss your invitation code with them.

When they enroll in CashPirate, they have to provide your invitation code in order for them to become your referral.

Once they become your referral, you stand to make 10% of the earnings, which is shouldered by CashPirate.

If they invite another person to join the stage, you’ll also earn a 5% commission from their own earnings. So, their referral system really goes down two levels, which is a fantastic structure, in my estimation.

They do need to be busy on the stage in order that you earn. But overall, multi-level referral programs are usually a fantastic type of passive income. This CashPirate Review is all about referral programs.

CashPirate Review: How do you get paid?

Every paid offer you finish will reward you with coins, which, as mentioned previously, will be credited to a CashPirate account. After that, you can use the coins you have gathered to redeem the rewards you prefer.

You may get paid in four ways. You may either choose to get paid through PayPal, recharge your prepaid mobile, exchange the coins for gift cards from Amazon or exchange it for prepaid Visa cards.

If you wish to get paid through PayPal, the minimal number of coins you will need to collect will be 2500 coins. That is equal to $2.50. The payments are done in increments of $2.50, $5, $10, or $25.

In terms of mobile recharge, you’ll have to collect 1800 coins. The value will be based on the cell provider you are using.

The gift cards from Amazon in addition to the prepaid Visa cards are only available in select countries (such as the US, France, etc).

All in all, the payment methods that CashPirate provides are rather convenient mainly because they provide payment through PayPal, which, in my estimation, is the most convenient payment system available now.

If you want to know more about other sites which pay via PayPal, I recommend you also check out the very best survey sites that pay via PayPal.

CashPirate Review: How much money can you make?

With programs like this, the quantity of money you can make will largely depend on how many paid supplies you’ll have the ability to complete.

The secondary factor that will affect your earnings is how well they cover for each offer you complete.

Basically, if they pay you well, you get to make more with less time investment.

In terms of the number of offers you are able to finish, according to comments from long-time members, the amount of paid supplies available on a regular basis will not actually be a lot.

Thus, don’t expect to make plenty of money from this program. And although they have a relatively low payout threshold, you can’t expect to hit it fast due to the low number of offers out there.

Plus, the majority of the offers you can do will only reward you with about 100-200 coins. And compared to similar stage the benefits are rather low for the very same tasks.

In general, in my opinion, this program has a very low earning potential due to the fact that there are not too many paid supplies available as you’d expect and the rewards are very low per offer.

CashPirate Review: Can you use it on mobile?

As you already know, CashPirate is a mobile-only platform. So, yes, you can use it on a mobile device. But, CashPirate is only available for Android devices.

If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need to download their spouse app named GiftPanda instead.

Their mobile app is really simple to use. The user interface is quite user-friendly, so you won’t have trouble navigating through the program.

The one thing I will say though is, a few of the offers will really take you to a mobile web browser. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the program opens up a mobile web browser.

The fantastic thing about CashPirate, as mentioned before, is you will have the ability to make even if you aren’t facing a computer or notebook.

It being a portable platform, makes it easier for you to earn as you can complete offers anytime and anyplace you want.

CashPirate Review: Who Will join CashPirate?

Anyone can join CashPirate. This is the fantastic thing about this portable platform. Irrespective of where you live, you’ll have the ability to register and become a member of this platform.

Their sign-up procedure is also very straightforward. Just install the program and run it. The first time it asks you to log in is also the time you are able to enroll as a member.

All you’ve got to do is supply your username and password and be certain to indicate that you’re a first-time user. This will then enroll you as a member. You can then begin earning when you’ve done that.

It’s really one of the easiest registration procedures I’ve ever encountered. However, the offers which will be accessible will mostly rely on the region you reside in. There’ll be countries where more paid supplies can be found (i.e. the US).

So, although the program is available worldwide, the chances offered won’t be exactly the same.

CashPirate Review: Support System

When you log into the program, the only type of support you may get will be from their FAQ page.

It does cover a few of the critical topics, which is great. At least, it gives you a primer of what the website offers.

But if you will need to contact their support staff, you’ve got two ways to do that. You can email them in

Another way you can get in touch with their support team is by visiting their site and visiting their contact page. You can then complete the contact form (shown in the photograph above).

In general, in my opinion, it might have been better if they supplied a contact form within their mobile program though. This way, calling their service can be achieved without needing to exit from the cell app.

CashPirate Review: Final Verdict

CashPirate is a legit GPT mobile program that will pay you for completing their offers. But it does have some drawbacks.

Following is a listing of its own pros and cons, to provide you with a summary of what the app offers. This should help you determine whether the app is really worth your time or not.

In general, CashPirate is a good mobile app to make a few bucks. The significant drawback is, it actually has restricted earning opportunities, which seriously affects its earning potential.

It can be a good secondary program to earn from as you can use it conveniently onto a mobile device. Just do not expect to make a lot from this program.

If you’re searching for mobile programs with greater earning potential, I suggest you check out the best-paid survey programs instead.

The mobile programs on this list are known to offer decent earning potential. And you’ll certainly find an app you can use no matter where you live.

When you have any comments, questions, or have some experiences with CashPirate yourself, I’d like to hear from you in a comment below.

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