Crowdtap Review: Legit or Scam – Complete Review

Crowdtap Review: In this article, we will cover Crowdtap Review. When you are attempting to earn additional cash online, sometimes you get lucky and join a website that actually does pay. And at times, it can be a nightmare. That is why I suggest before you go and sign up for online benefits websites, you should first do your own research. Here in this article, I will share everything about Crowdtap Review.

You need to be certain you’re joining a legit website. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time. This is what this manual is for. If you have encountered CrowdTap on your search for sites that you’re interested in becoming a member of, then you should be wondering if it’s legit.

Well, allow me to just answer this question straight away. Yes, it’s a legit survey website that will reward you for participating in their own offers. But this does not necessarily mean this website is a fantastic site to join if you would like to earn additional cash.

This CrowdTap review will reveal all the details you will need to know about the website so you can learn if it’s really worth your time or not. In this article, we will cover everything about Crowdtap Review.

Crowdtap Review: What is CrowdTap?

CrowdTap, as stated previously, is a survey site that offers to pay you for participating in their studies and other earning opportunities.

It’s a market research firm. So, if you would like your opinion to matter, this is definitely a site you can join.

But, so as to have a clear picture of its earning potential, we must have a close look at how you’ll have the ability to earn from this website. So, here is how you can make it from this website.

Crowdtap Review

Crowdtap Review: The earning chance – Short Surveys

What is different about CrowdTap is, it is somewhat different from the other survey sites online today.

If you have been a part of other survey websites, normally, the polls you need to answer are relatively long.

But with CrowdTap, it is somewhat different. The surveys they supply are really very short. Here’s an illustration.

As you can see in the photograph above, each survey is fairly brief. It is almost like a poll rather than a survey. Most survey supplies are in multiple-choice form. So, it really does not take a good deal of time to answer a questionnaire offer.

The only other survey site that I have seen that provides short surveys on a regular basis is PaidViewpoint.

And the great thing is, each question you answer will earn you points (typically 3 points for quick questions). And since the polls are pretty brief, you won’t actually need to spend a whole lot of time on the website merely to earn points.

Normally, you’ll run out of polls to reply after 10 to 15 minutes of answering surveys. Thus, it is not really a massive commitment.

And the great thing is, there are constantly surveys on a daily basis. That means you’ll have the ability to collect points and redeem rewards (which I’ll discuss next).

Crowdtap Review: How do you get paid?

Every survey you reply to will earn you a certain number of points. You can then use the points you have accumulated and redeem rewards.

You’ll have the ability to select from several gift cards available. There are Amazon, Target, Walmart gift cards (and others) available in their rewards catalog. All you’ve got to do is exchange the points you have earned for any present you prefer.

When you redeem a gift card, what happens is, you won’t really be sent a physical gift card, but a digital one instead. It’ll be delivered to you via email. You can expect to get the gift card after 24 hours of salvation.

However, the drawback is, if you’re expecting to make cash from this website, you’ll be disappointed.

The only rewards they give are gift cards. You won’t have the ability to earn any cash withdrawal. However, you can say that gift cards are a lot like money because it is possible to use them for buying products.

But in case you really prefer to make cash rather, I suggest you check out the top survey sites that pay via PayPal.

Crowdtap Review: How much money can you make?

As previously mentioned, you won’t have the ability to earn real money from CrowdTap. You’ll be earning gift cards instead.

And as for the number of gift cards you get, it will entirely depend on how long you will spend on the website and how well they cover.

As you can see in the photograph above, the minimum quantity of the gift card you may redeem is $5. That is worth 1000 points. There are other gift cards worth more, but they also cost more points to redeem. By way of instance, a $10 Amazon gift card will cost 2000 points (and so on and so forth).

Now, as for how well they cover, since the polls are really very short, do not expect to make a lot of points each survey you reply to. Normally, you will earn 3 points per short survey you complete.

So you can see it is going to take a good deal of polls to reach the payout threshold.

In general, do not expect to make a lot from this website since the rewards are fairly low, in my view.

However, it does not take too much time to complete the surveys. So, there will not be significant time investment required for this website.

Crowdtap Review: Can you use it on mobile?

CrowdTap does not have an exclusive mobile program you can download and install on your mobile device. However, you’ll have the ability to access their website from a mobile device using a web browser.

Fortunately, their website is mobile-friendly. So, you’ll have an easy time navigating through the website and reading the content correctly.

This is a big help, in my view, since you’ll have the ability to answer polls on your mobile device effortlessly. And seeing as they provide short surveys and the replies are in multiple-choice, it is actually ideal for mobile use.

This makes it ideal for men and women that prefer to make using their mobile devices because they’ll have the ability to earn anytime and anyplace.

Crowdtap Review: Who will join CrowdTap?

The one drawback about CrowdTap, in my estimation, is that it isn’t accessible globally. In actuality, it’s only available in America.

So, if you’re not a US resident, then you won’t have the ability to participate. If you’re though, just complete their registration form to become a member.

However, there are lots of great survey sites in the USA so even if you live here, you may want to join other sites instead.

1 unique thing about CrowdTap is they allow several individuals from one household to be a member. Normally, on other survey sites, they only allow one person per household to be a member.

When you first log into the member dash of CrowdTap, you will notice a good deal of questions pertaining to your preferences (refer to photograph above). These queries are actually for constructing your profile.

You want to answer these questions because they will the information you’ve supplied to qualify you for more polls in the future.

The fantastic thing is, your time will not be wasted answering these questions as you’ll still receive reward points for them.

Crowdtap Review: Can you get support?

Another thing I enjoy about CrowdTap is the way they manage their support. They have a thorough FAQ section that covers the majority of the important topics about the website.

1 thing about their support page, however, as shown in the photograph above, states to check out our brand new video collection. However, when you click on it, you won’t see any videos. So, it’s somewhat misleading.

For those who have an inquiry or you would like to contact their support staff, you can submit a petition. You’ll be taken to a contact form where you are able to elaborate on your query.

In general, they do have an adequate method of providing support for their members, and it is a great sign as it shows they do care about providing the best user experience possible.

Crowdtap Review: Final Verdict

CrowdTap is a legit survey website that will reward you for participating in their surveys. It has some fine qualities and a few drawbacks also.

Following is a summary of its pros and cons that will help you determine if you need to become a member of the panel or not.

What makes CrowdTap a fantastic website to join is because their polls won’t eat up a lot of your time. So, there will not be a substantial time investment needed.

But, you won’t have the ability to make cash from this website. Thus, temper your expectations. However, it does have a nice number of cards you can pick from as a reward.

So, all isn’t lost. It can nevertheless serve as an excellent secondary site to make gift cards from. That’s, of course, when you reside in the united states.

If you’re interested in sites that will make it possible for you to make money on a regular basis, I suggest you check out the top survey sites in your country instead.

The websites on this list all offer very well earning potential because they have many earning opportunities on a regular basis.

Plus, you’ll have the ability to find a website that will fit your needs irrespective of where you live.

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