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The used and most effective site and app in the world, Ebates lets you earn up to 40% Cash Back at more than 2,500 stores. You can combine your rewards with all the offers, hot, daily deals, promo codes. In this post, we are going to talk about Ebates & we are going to share Ebates Reviews and Complete Experience About it.

Ebates Reviews (Rakuten Reviews):

Ebates is a cashback site that’s existed since 1998 — a lifetime in the internet world! It was founded by two former deputy district attorneys, Alessandro Isolani and Paul Wasserman, of Menlo Park, California. In 2014, Rakuten obtained it for $ 1 billion.

In 2019, Ebates was renamed” Rakuten Rewards” though for now, most folks know it by Ebates.

However, is Ebates a scam, or is it untrue? …what exactly is Ebates and how does it work? Let’s dive in!

What Is Ebates has moved and been rebranded to Rakuten. Nothing’s changed though (confirm for yourself). All the preceding Ebates accounts are transferred to with the identical interface and features. It is a rebranding. I stand by everything.

What is Ebates? Ebates is a business that provides you cashback for shopping through their stores. Ebates has relationships with thousands of shops and provides discounts or money back when you shop at these shops through

Confused? I was.

You may be asking yourself,” Is Ebates a scam?” You would not be on my website if you did not have questions.

I have made it back and’ve been using Ebates because of 2011.

Is ebates legit

Unfortunately, lots of free things online include terrible software or other customers which must be installed on your PC. The Ask Toolbar is among the worst (if you’ve got this installed, uninstall it immediately ). Fortunately, Ebates does not ask that you install anything. The exception to this is if you would like to use the business’s mobile program or even a browser extension.

Next up when determining if something is valid, is seeing if you can determine their angle, or how can ebates make money? Although it is true there are hundreds of venture capital-backed sites and solutions banging around Silicon Valley without hope of ever earning a dime, giving away money is a tricky proposition if there’s absolutely no revenue. As it happens, Ebates has a rather straightforward business model.

Whether you understand it or not, many online retailers offer a referral fee or commission to sites that send business their way. The user doesn’t need to do anything. Instead, the individual that publishes the site involves a code from the links you click on. That code tells the merchant where you came from.

Amazon is known for its Amazon Affiliates program which pays a percentage of purchases to site owners who send buyers to the business. A number of these retailers offer a higher payout for people who send greater volumes of customers. Ebates uses this exact same model to send clients to dozens of retailers and then offers a part of the referral fee back to its users. They keep the rest of the commission and that’s the profit.

How Does Ebates Work:

Ebates Reviews
Ebates Reviews

It may seem too good to be true if you do not understand business or business partnerships. However, it isn’t. Ebates is legit (not a scam), and you ought to use it every time you shop.

The approach is simple.

You (the client ) visit, search for the shop that you wish to shop at, click the” shop now” button, and shop in the online shop (as you normally would). As soon as you’ve made a purchase, a portion of the purchase shows up on your Ebates account.

You purchase something for $500 and if Ebates provides 10% cashback, you will get $50 in money back.

If you are still confused, check out the walkthrough movie I made on how to use Ebates

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How Does Ebates Make Money

You are probably asking yourself,” How do Ebates give you money at no cost? What is their business model?”

You want to understand how affiliate marketing works to comprehend Ebates’ business.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where businesses (i.e. online shops ) pay people a commission for referring sales.

Ebates is an affiliate to shops. Ebates receives a commission Whenever someone clicks on a shop.

Ebates offers you half of the commission (via money back). This is a win-win-win. The shop gets more sales. A commission is made by ebates. You make money just.

Example: You visit and click on through to the Best Buy store. You buy a MacBook. Ebates gets a 4% ($40) commission from Best Buy for referring to the sale. Ebates gives you half of the commission ($20) in the kind of cashback.

You may wonder if this approach really increases the shops’ sales since clients could make purchases no matter Ebates’ existence.

Here is my take: the shops would opt out of the deal with Ebates if they did not believe it was helping their earnings. Here’s the shop’s logic: because the client is saving money, they’ll be incentivized to invest more money.

Ebates Reviews (Rakuten Reviews): Pros

  • Cash Back Rewards

Is there a reason? You get cashback for shopping you would have done! The best part is that it will not cost you anything except a small amount of time logging in and filtering at which you can make cashback. If you put in Ebates Cash Back Button, the purchasing is not as intrusive and after some time, you won’t even know you are shopping through Ebates.

  • Clear Instructions

There’s absolutely no question how much cashback you are going to get. The list of shops clearly displays the money-back percentage you get, and the amount is reinforced when you click on the link to a shopping portal.

  • Great Customer Service

When you go on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) websites, you will notice some complaints against Ebates. What is remarkable is how they are resolved. A majority of the complaints are about not getting payouts. Ebates does appear to do their very best to resolve any problems although it takes some time.

Ebates has existed since 2000. In the era where things disappear fast, if they don’t live up to people’s expectations, they would not have lived for so long if they were out to scam people.

Ebates Reviews (Rakuten Reviews): Cons

  • Missed Payouts

If you are only paid four times annually by the company, you would think that they should do their best to not overlook any payouts. This does appear to be a problem for some members of Ebates.

Missed payouts compose the majority of the complaints as stated previously. You see a lot of reviews online based.

The fantastic thing is that Ebates seems receptive in managing the complaints regarding payouts that are missed. It is a hassle especially since you get paid four times annually.

  • Limited Categories

This does not mean you can store from each category of those shops, because Ebates is connected with a lot of stores.

Require for example. You know by now which you can get anything on Amazon. It is sensible to do the majority of your shopping.

Say you need a computer that is new. Amazon provides competitive prices. But if you wanted to shop via an Ebates link, you would not get your money back.

You can not even get money back on books, which is what Amazon was known for!

Based on where you shop online, your shopping classes may be limited. Some retailers like Apple are eligible for money back.

Tips To Maximize Your Revenue With Ebates (Rakuten)

Ebates Reviews
Ebates Reviews

In the event you do shop online you should not spend your money. But if you do, it is definitely worth taking a couple of seconds to test on Ebates to find out just how much cashback you can get.

By getting their Cash Back Visa Credit Card, 1 way to maximize your earnings is. Obviously, only apply for this credit card if you know your credit rating is great.

Through Ebates you back on buys, you get extra cashback. There are a number of limitations, especially on shopping-related to travel and resorts, so do read the FAQs.

  • Assess Ebates for coupons before you check out. Not only do you get money back from Ebates, they have coupons for the majority of the stores also. Coupons help you double back on your savings.
  • I used to forget about moving to Ebates before purchasing something. If you do not visit Ebates first, there is no way for Ebates to track your purchase and you won’t get your money back. This is where the Ebates browser expansion comes in. The Ebates button will sit on top of your window, and if you stop by an eligible shop, a message will pop up that says” Activate Up To __% Money Back”. Click on the button, and you have created the tracking ticket required to track your purchase. You don’t even have to see
  • For many years, the only way to earn money back was to look at online stores. This past year, Ebates introduced offline money back. You visit the offline money back page and join your credit card. Once you link your charge card to your Ebates account, find a shop that you wish to shop in and click” link ” When you connect the deal to your card and purchase something in the store, the money-back articles to your Ebates account. This feature is superb!
  • If you are using an ad blocker, you should whitelist Ebates does not work with ad blockers.
  • Try to make your purchase within 24 hours of clicking on the Ebates link. You are normally given 30 days, but play it safe and click the link!

Final Words: Ebates Reviews (Rakuten Reviews)

Ebates is an easy-to-use online money-back site, that rewards you for shopping via their links. It will not cost you a thing. While obtaining a 1-6% money-back seems minuscule, if you are a big contributor, the sum adds up.

The best thing about Ebates is that it does not consume your time, aside from the time you’d spend shopping anyhow. Unlike survey websites where you need to spend time answering questions merely to see if you qualify, with Ebates, you are simply taking advantage of your current habit.

The most frequent complaints are missed payouts, which you can fix with Ebates’ customer support or BBB, and how the payouts are just four times annually. You also only get limited categories to shop from on particular shopping sites.

To maximize your experience on Ebates, it is ideal to stay organized and not store unnecessarily just for the sake of getting money back. It makes no sense to invest a dollar so that you can find a nickel back, would not you say?

You also have to bear in mind that some money back amounts are” up to” a specific percent. Just because you see” around 6% cashback” does not mean that you’re going to really get 6 percent back.

It appears a bit confusing and downright deceptive, but Ebates is apparent in their wording. Just assume you will get 1% on everything and you will avoid disappointment. If you get more, it will prove to be a wonderful surprise!

If you can get beyond these shortcomings, Ebates provides a remarkably simple and painless way to make a bit of cash. It is completely legitimate and several people online have reported successes.

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