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How To Get Paid To Watch Ads – Make Money while watching ads

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Get Paid To Watch AdsHow To Get Paid To Watch Ads or Is it possible to see for cash in advertisements? Do you know how to watch ads for money or get paid to watch video, you can make money watching ads. Many online Earners are Following this method get paid to watch ads on your computer, They Getting Paid to watch ads, you can also get money for watching ads, Hey we are back without brand new article How to get paid to watch commercials. If you are also one of them who spend a lot of time on the internet and not making money, unfortunately, you are wasting your time. But no worry now!!! Read this article till end and learn how to get paid to watch ads, There was an online subculture. Some even purchased phones and/or laptops so that they can always run ads on them often seeing a positive return in 3 weeks! If you are looking for getting Paid To Watch Ads you are in right place. Read complete post to know more about it.

apps that pay you to watch ads

Fear not, you do not have to be this dedicated. Just know that it’s possible to make some spending money, watching videos on your computer or telephone. While getting work done, having the video run in the background, you can do this.

Should you begin with?

There’s definitely lots of scams out there.

That is why here you’ll see recommendations Together with testimonials from the Better Business Bureau and App Store and Google Play evaluations.

How To Get Paid To Watch Ads

Here below I shared few platforms which provide Get Paid when you watch ads. Here below top trusted platforms to Get Paid To Watch Ads.

watch ads for money


Available PlatformsiOS, Google Play, Mobile Browser, and Desktop
BBB StandingA-
App Reviews4.1 – 1,400+ reviews
Google Play Reviews4.0 – 33,000+ reviews

Quick Overview:

Swagbucks gets a whole lot of attention — it is known among the best survey sites. That’s partly because it is way more versatile than others are. You can also make money by shopping online, playing games, as well as watching advertisements.

While you’re not likely to get rich from watching videos and advertisements on the internet, it will add up over time.

You can also create a decent haul by a number of the unwanted moneymakers on Swagbucks, like the internet shopping rewards.

If you are booking a holiday, for example, Swagbucks may have a cashback offer on travel sites. That makes Swagbucks among the finest passive income thoughts out there. Just shop as usual or see an ad as you’re standing up to stretch your legs after you have been on the computer a while.

get paid to watch videos


Available PlatformsiOS, Google Play, Mobile Browser, and Desktop
BBB StandingA+
App Reviews4.4, 70.5K
Google Play Reviews4.2 – 84,000+

Quick Overview:

This is another flexible website. You may earn money at InboxDollars by taking surveys, redeeming coupons, shopping online, surfing the web, reading emails, and playing games on the internet. If you are a gamer, then you can get paid for playing games lots of men and women use to pass the time, such as sudoku, card games, chess, arcade games, and word searches.

It is also possible to watch for cash in commercials. You will log in to find out what movies you can watch to get money. You will find videos that you are going to be interested in because there’s a wide range of topics available.

For those who have only a moment, you can watch a brief clip, an advertisement, or a picture preview. You can watch a tv series if you have more time available. If you are a news junkie, news clips can be checked out by you.

You get $5 for signing up. That is free money for you! This is an often-used site that has paid over $57 million out.

What I enjoy about this website is that there are many ways you will never get bored.


Available PlatformsMobile Browser and Desktop
BBB StandingA-

make money watching ads

Quick Overview:

MyPoints is a superb tool to use to watch advertisements for money. Some include advertisements, gossip from Hollywood, and things like Golden Globes coverage.

However there are other ways to make — you can cash in on your hobbies to earn money enjoy playing games, travel, using coupons, and filling out surveys.

This website has existed since 1996, so you can be certain it is not a scam. As soon as your points are earned by you from finishing you can redeem them for gift cards, travel miles, or money.


Available PlatformsMobile Browser and Desktop
BBB StandingA+

Quick Overview:

FusionCash does not go back as far as some of the other get-paid-to websites. But it has still existed for some time, having been launched in 2005. With Fusion Money, like any of the sites, you watch for money in advertisements.

If you wish to do more than earn by viewing ads, you may even take surveys, sign up for trial offers, get paid to read emails, and much more.

You’ll find a $5 bonus. The website includes a tutorial movie to get you started if you are new to websites like this or you would like to learn what makes this one different.

get paid to watch ads on your computer


Available PlatformsiOS & Google Play
BBB StandingN/A
App Reviews3.6, 450 Ratings
Google Play Reviews4.2 – 556K+

Quick Overview:

With AppNana, you get points which they call Nanas. You earn these Nanas for using and downloading apps. The Nanas, once there are enough saved up, can be turned in for money or to purchase programs that were paid.

But you are also given the opportunity by AppNana. It does take a whole lot of Nanas to find a gift card. You will earn more money from the other websites, but it does not mean that you shouldn’t check out this one. It may not be for.


Available PlatformsiOS, Google Play, Mobile Browser, and Desktop
BBB StandingF
App Reviews2.5 – 95 reviews
Google Play Reviews4.0 – 19K

Quick Overview:

Just like Viggle, Perk.TV scores low BBB ratings and App Store ratings. But this website gets Android ratings that are adequate. So in the event you’ve got an Android, it could be worth checking out.

The business has given over $57 million in Perk rewards.

By watching videos or playing games and answering questions, you can earn rewards. Through PayPal, you can get paid Together with your points, receive a debit card, or score a gift card.


Yes, you can get paid to see videos. Sign up at Paid2YouTube and start watching.

More can be earned by you for score videos commenting and referring friends. You earn 0.005 per movie, 0.10 per comment, 0.01 per evaluation and 0.15 for each subscription you make


This Program and site are completely different. This is a decoration bidding website.

You make bidding money and chat online with your own team and friends can be a part of a group or go solo.

You may select what more and sponsor you would like to win prizes from. Basically you see videos earn”cash” towards a decoration to bid on.

get paid to watch commercials

CashBack Research Complete Review.

 Get Paid To Watch Ads

All you’ve got to do is use your computer or telephone as you would normally if you’re watching films online or playing games then download their program.

You get input into the sweepstakes, which means you could get more than $50 annually.

The company gives away $10,000 Each month. That money is divided between 400 winners with the winner.

The set-up is simple. All you’ve got to do is set up the program, create a username and password, and give your info. You’re done. This is a fantastic opportunity if you are going to be online anyway.

If you want to learn how to make $200 in a day read this post without wasting your time thinking. get more about and Technics about online earning methods.

Get Paid To Watch Movies:

This is basically the best way you can get paid to watch movies and be in the films at the exact same time.

The job is straightforward:

You get paid to be at your local theater, collect different types of data and watch a movie. For free.

If this sounds too good to be true, let me tell you how it works:

Normally, theaters (and movie studios) are trying to collect data about movie-goers and later examine it to optimize the experience and improve the movies.

Your job (as an independent contractor) will have any of these different jobs:

  • Record all the trailers that appeared on the display and for how long.
  • Report the number of people attending the movie (for box office information)
  • Counting all patrons during the day.
  • Check what ads are being shown and record them.
  • Write reports about the quality of sounds, the visuals, the ticket prices, and the cleanliness of this place.
  • Check out what certain times of day are more popular for different kinds of movies.
  • Check out what types of groups (gender and age specifically) are attending movies.

Make Money to See Movies and Videos Online

Swagbucks is just another rewards-based site that pays you for a number of unique activities.

Rather, Swagbucks gives you points you can then redeem for gift cards or straight-up money. The”movies” are not going to be Blockbuster films, but if you are getting paid — who cares?

What I usually like to do is I’ve Netflix playing on my notebook and Swagbucks playing on my cellphone, so I almost get paid to see Netflix.

You could also do this at work — open the videos up onto a new tab, mute the audio of that tab and get to work!

Get Paid To Review Movies:

You may be the next Roger Ebert and get paid to watch movies and write testimonials.

You can begin by writing a site with movie reviews and monetize it, or you could apply to a job online. There are loads of media outlets searching for people to write film reviews.

Online magazines are another good place to look. Be certain that you write a few reviews after research, reveal your distinctive voice in these reviews and constantly attach them.

Join A Focus Group:

Yes. You may really get hired for a movie/TV watcher. It’s a very simple money and it is a fun job, to say the least.

Begin by looking at through our whole list on the best way best to get paid to test products. They generally run panels to monitor your use when it comes to watching TV.

There’s also another sort of job where you get hired to keep your eyes open on videos which can be added on specific TV shows.

Final Words: How To Get Paid To Watch Ads

You may multi-task and if you are smart about it using Swagbucks will help you cash in on your time spent watching Netflix. To be clear, there is no way unless you are a Netflix contractor or worker to be given a check.

If working for Netflix is something you are itching to do, you can keep an eye on their job openings here. Just bear in mind you will probably be sitting in an office not watching films if you decide to work for Netflix.

Take my advice and keep or search for jobs that are elastic. Use Swagbucks in your free time for some additional money, but do not expect it to replace your paycheck anytime soon.

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