Go Los Angeles Card Review – Go City Card Los Angeles Review

Go Los Angeles Card Review – Go City Card Los Angeles Review  Go Los Angeles Card is an unlimited, It make restriction free from all the barrier go Los Angeles card added all-inclusive Card Review offering admission to 31 Southern California attractions, museums, and tours, including Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm, Lego land, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Sony Studio Tour, Discovery Science Center Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood, Dolby Theater Guided Tour, more, and Aquarium of the Pacific. In this post, we’ll review the Go Los Angeles Card to determine if its value for money justifies the purchase.

We utilized the 1-day Go Los Angeles Card last week. We have been wanting to do the three studio tours in Burbank/L. A. for a while and the Go L.A. Card was an easy way to do 2 of these in a day for less than their joint price. From this perspective was the icing on the cake.

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Go Los Angeles Card Review

In a single day, we managed to do the Sony Pictures Studio Tour, Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood, The Hollywood Museum, Dolby Theatre Guided Tour, and Warner Bros. Studio Tour. The combined cost of these experiences would have been $175.95 per person had we paid from pocket versus $79 for the full-priced Go Los Angeles Card

Entering into los angles is dream to all, the important thing is go los angeles card having this no shortage of exciting things to do in LA. Los angles is not a cheap place to travel. the Go Los Angeles Pass can help you in living a wonderful vacation in La.

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We would not have paid full price. There are now discounted So Called resident tickets for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, and the things we did in Hollywood seem to have coupons lowering their price.

Personally, I wouldn’t have paid full price for the Dolby Theatre Tour, Madame Tussaud’s, or (maybe) the Hollywood Museum. Actually, but for your Go Los Angeles Card, we wouldn’t have done those things. I do think two of these experiences have some value, but they’re not”worth” total price to me. (Your mileage may vary.)

On the other hand, even supposing the best discounts and throwing out the stuff in Hollywood, we nevertheless saved money overbooking the studio tours separately. Moreover, had we scheduled things better (or visitors been in our favor) we could’ve seen the Aquarium of the Pacific in exactly the exact same day, and that is something I certainly would (and will) cover at some point.

If I were a tourist heading to Southern California, I would give serious thought to a 3 or 5-day Move L.A. Card, but only if I planned on going to the theme parks that are included with the pass. For the value to be worthwhile on some of the longer duration cards, you have to do Universal Studios Hollywood (which is only valid weekdays on a 3-day or longer Move L.A. Card), Knott’s Berry Farm, Legoland California, or even Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Go Los Angeles Card Review
Go Los Angeles Card Review

How Go Los Angeles Card Works

The Go Los Angeles Pass is a sightseeing pass that offers unlimited access to 36 of the greatest destinations in LA. The pass functions offering pass lengths between 1 and seven days, on a foundation. It differs from a sequential day card such as the Paris Pass, however, since you really have two full weeks to utilize the number of times you select. So, a three-day pass if you pick, you can use your pass on any 3 days!

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You will pay a cost that is fixed and the rest is up to you. If you are smart about it, the pass will be able to help you save up to the top websites of LA!

Purchasing the Go Los Angeles Pass could not be easier. It’s a fast buy, and you get your pass through email. Like using the Go Chicago Pass, you may download the free Go City App and use the pass on your cellular telephone; or, you can print it at home if you want a paper copy. You have a year As soon as you purchase your pass.

How do you activate it? Just come to your attraction and present your pass! Your pass is then valid for the number of times you selected, and you’ve got two weeks to utilize all the”days” These are calendar days, not a period. Bear in mind which you may use the pass to enter attractions. To get the maximum to make sure to activate your pass!

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Attractions Included in the Go Los Angeles Card

Now that I have you curious, let us take a look at the deals. Listed below are the attractions including their adult admission prices:

  • Universal Studios Hollywood — $139
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood — $69
  • Madame Tussauds Hollywood — $30.95
  • Pacific Park/Santa Monica Pier — $34.95
  • Knott’s Berry Farm — $84
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain — $89.99
  • Aquarium of the Pacific — $34.95
  • Hollywood Movie Star Homes Tour — $52
  • Hollywood Behind-the-Scenes Tour — $27
  • OUE Skyspace LA — $25
  • Dolby Theatre Guided Tour — $25
  • TCL Chinese Theatres Guided Tour^ — $18
  • Hollywood Museum^ — $15
  • Legoland California* — $110.99
  • San Diego Zoo* — $56
  • Self-guided Movie Star Homes Bike Tour by Bikes & Hikes LA — $55
  • Hollywood Hills Hike by Bikes & Hikes LA — $55
  • California Science Center IMAX — $8.95
  • Sony Pictures Studio Tour — $50
  • Natural History Museum — $15
  • La Brea Tar Pits and Museum — $15
  • Queen Mary — $40
  • LA Zoo and Botanical Gardens — $21
  • Malibu Celebrity Homes Tour — $55
  • Hop-on Hop-off Los Angeles Bus Tour (Yellow Route) — $55
  • Harbor Cruise or Whale Watch at Long Beach — $45
  • Harbor Cruise or Whale Watch at San Pedro — $30
  • Grammy Museum — $15
  • Battleship IOWA Museum — $19.95
  • Autry Museum of the American West — $14
  • Knott’s Soak City Water Park — $53
  • Santa Monica Pier Aquarium — $5
  • Whale Watching & Dolphin Cruises — Newport Landing — $49
  • South Coast Plaza Shop and Dine Package — $27
  • Perry’s Beach Café and Rentals — Mountain Bike or Roller Skates — $35
  • K1 Speed Indoor Karting — $27.99
  • The Huntington Library — $29.00
  • Cabrillo Marine Aquarium — $5

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Go Los Angeles Pass Pricing

So how far will one of those bad boys put you back? Have a look below.

PassesAdult PriceChild Price (3-12)
1 Day$92$72
2 Day$149$118
3 Day$264$238
5 Day$342$299
7 Day$424$375

Now that you have seen how the normal rates for entrance compare to the price of this pass, it’s clear to see how the Move Los Angeles Pass can nab you some serious savings.

Let’s talk about Universal Studios’ addition. Fees at the gate for this attraction are a 139. However, it included on the 3, 5, and 7-day pass options.

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If you get the 3-day pass for $264 and spend at Universal, that means, you get two full days of sightseeing for only $125. That is $60 per day. Therefore, if you are able to do 3 or 2 attractions per day, $60 is a steal!

If you purchase the 5-day pass and spend a complete day at Universal, you get 4 days of sightseeing for $203, or $50.75 daily. If you are in town for a week or more and opt for the 7-day pass, you can do a complete day at Universal and then have six days of unlimited sightseeing at $47.50 per day.

Evidently, the 7-day pass is the best value…but only if you’ll use it. Not everybody wants to pack in seven days of sightseeing the 5 and 3-day passes are with the three days pass is the choice of all — a wonderful deal.

If you are not interested in seeing with Universal, the 1 and 2 day passes are fine. That said, these passes do not offer the amount of savings you get with the options that are more.

Save Up to 50% on Regular Admission Costs

The reason would be to save money. It’s simple to bank some savings — such as around 50 by using the pass!

Theme Parks Galore

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Theme Park Junkies

The Go Los Angeles Card provides six theme park options — see them all or pick your jam!

If you are interested in seeing Universal Studios during your visit to LA (and you ought to be!), using it included with the Go Los Angeles Pass (3, 5, and 7-day choices ) all but guarantees savings. Regular admission costs $139, so is a no-brainer like I outlined previously. The admission ticket includes entry to the studio tour and the theme park, so the family can spend a half-day there. Inclusion of an attraction is uncommon in a definitely and sightseeing pass something to benefit from!

Six Flags Magic Mountain caters to thrill-seekers and is a park compared to Universal. If you are following the steepest you’ll definitely want to check out it. Regular adult admission is $89.99, so using your pass to cover your ticket offers excellent value.

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Knott’s Berry Farm is California’s first theme park also provides extreme thrills for the brave of heart…and a few more relaxing rides for people who aren’t so courageous.

Legoland is a terrific option if you’re looking to bring the children. You will pay $110.99 to get in as a Dadeland $104.99 to your children, so using the pass can definitely save some green.

Looking to cool down on a hot day? Knott’s Soak City Water Park could be more your speed. Pacific Park is another option with some ocean views. In any event, there is something for anybody who enjoys a day of games and rides.

los angeles attractions pass
los angeles attractions pass


Odds are good that you could be slightly interested in the whole Hollywood thing if you’re thinking of a sightseeing pass for LA. In that case, the Move Los Angeles Pass comprises some tours which will probably appeal to you.

There is the Studio Tour at Universal, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Hollywood Movie Star Homes Tour, the Sony Pictures Studio Tour, and much more. Its heaven for a film lover.

You got the Hop-on Hop-off Los Angeles Bus Tour. These bus tours are typically recommended by me to anybody. They’re a way to see and learn about a city that is new when grabbing a ride between attractions. So it is far from the lowest priced the cost is $55. If you take the bus tour and see with a couple of attractions the day, you are going to be looking at savings.

You’ve 14 Days to Use Your Card

Most unlimited sightseeing passes, such as the New York Pass, are valid just for a series of consecutive calendar days. That may be restricting for travelers that are delighted to visit with three or two attractions in one day but do not necessarily need to do it.

The Go Los Angeles Pass differs in that it provides access to attractions for a certain number of days through an interval. That is a game-changer! With this pass, you have the flexibility to spend before going at it again, then, take the following day or two off. I love that!

Other Advantages of the Go Los Angeles Card

  • Jump the Line — Waiting in ticket lines is a drain on your precious holiday time. The Go Los Angeles Pass enables you to skip the line. Including San Diego Zoo, Six Flags, Universal, and much more.
  • Paper and electronic Choices — You can select how you use your Go Los Angeles Pass. Users are able to keep the pass onto their phones with the Go City App and can publish the pass.

Where the Buy Go Los Angeles Passes

Be sure to realize the limitations Prior to buying the Go Los Angeles Pass. The one worth noting is that you may enter each attraction.

A number of attractions close so this is not a big deal in most cases. But, Six Flags Magic Mountain is open late on weekends — till 1 am Friday and Saturday and until 11 pm on Sunday. As soon as you’re in, you are in….so, so long as you arrive before 5:30, you can stay until close. But if you intend to ride until closure and appear at 6 pm on a Saturday evening, you’re going to be disappointed.

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Similarly, in the event you planned to take in a nighttime view of the city from high in the sky at OUE Skyspace, that is not feasible. Be certain to take this into consideration when planning your itinerary.

Furthermore, while the Go Los Angeles Pass has 36 attractions from which to choose, it delivers a whole lot of the identical type of adventures. It is a dream come true for film buffs and theme park junkies. Additionally, there are a few good possibilities for animal lovers (the zoo, whale watching, several aquariums). If you are not into those kinds of things, you won’t get a bunch of value.

Who Should Purchase the Go Los Angeles Pass?

  • Theme Park Junkies

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Theme Park Junkies

If you love theme parks, the Go Los Angeles Pass will be your very best friend. You’ve got six choices to pick from (even if Legoland is really for the children ), or you could visit them all. Even if you simply see Universal or Six Flags, you are going to be taking a look at substantial savings.

Film Lovers — If you love all things film, you will love all of the studio and theater tours as well as the Go Los Angeles Pass.

Families — There are enough kid-friendly activities included with the pass to keep the whole family entertained. Legoland, Universal, Pacific Park, and lots of aquariums/zoos appeal to both children and adults.

First-timers — If it is your first visit to LA, you will probably want to check out a whole lot of those attractions anyway. When you purchase the Go Los Angeles Pass here, you will save a bundle overpaying individual admission prices at every spot.

Who Should Skip the Go Los Angeles Pass?

Travelers Not Interested in Theme Parks or Film — This pass is full of attractions which are either film-related or theme parks. This pass is not going to appeal to you nor will it save you money if you are not interested in.

Late Risers — Remember, you may just enter attractions along with your Go Los Angeles Pass until 5:30 pm. That’s not a huge deal for early risers, but you might find it difficult to get your money’s worth if you are the kind who does not get going until lunchtime.

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Travelers Who Won’t Visit a number of Attractions Per Day — Endless sightseeing moves work best when you see two (or more) attractions daily. Though a number of theme park options offer exceptional value, for those not seeing the parks, you will have to visit a few attractions daily to get your money’s worth.

Tips for Using the Go Los Angeles Pass

  • Visit Universal — If you purchase the 3, 5, or 7-day pass, make sure you stop by Universal to get maximum value from the card. It is the attraction on the list it’s super cool.
  • Use the Pass for the priciest Attractions — If you take a look at the list of attractions that are included, you will see they vary in price from $5 to $139. There are currently coming in at more than $50. Attempt using the pass for those. You won’t save money by visiting the $5 and $15 appeals alone.
  • Get Started Early — Just Like I said previously, after 5:30 pm, you can not input any appeals using the Go Los Angeles Pass. Even if that weren’t accurate, it makes sense to get up early and cram as much into the day as possible. Every day the more attractions you see, the more you will save.
  • Visit Multiple Attractions Per Day — I can not say it enough: The more you do, the more you will save. Try, if you wish to get the maximum value from your card and see with more or two attractions daily.
  • Get the 3 Day Pass (or more powerful ) — The 1 and 2-day passes can help you to save money, but you will find a great deal more value from the 3, 5, and 7 day passes. The passes that are longer include Universal, which is a draw. The three-day pass is the Move Los Angeles Pass option that is most popular.

How to Have the Go Los Angeles card:

Purchasing the Go Los Angeles Card is a breeze. In actuality, you can catch it online at this time.

Final Words: Go Los Angeles Card Review

You’ll find an email with a link. You may use the pass in your cell phone with the free Go City App, or you may print off a paper copy — your choice.

Is the Go Los Angeles Card good Deal?

Is the Go Los Angeles Card worth it? Probably.

If you are into theme parks and film-related tours, and — because you are taking a trip to LA, you probably are — the Go Los Angeles Pass is an excellent buy. This is particularly true if you intend to see Universal Studios and spend another few days.

The pass includes more costly attractions than many other sightseeing moves, so you have the chance to save a whole lot of money if you use it strategically. Furthermore, I love which you may use the pass anytime throughout a two-week interval. That flexibility than passes offer.

Personally, I think that the Go Los Angeles Pass is a great way to save money in LA. I would recommend checking it out.

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