Good To Go Pass – Official Information & Review

A Good To Go Pass is the most affordable and easiest way to pay tolls in Washington. Having an account, your tolls will be paid without needing to worry about bills in the mail or to stop at a toll booth. Contact US Good To Go! Pass department at 1-866-936-8246 to set up an account now, and we’ll also decrease your outstanding unpaid toll bills when you inquire.

Good To Go!! Pass Is handled by the Washington State Department of Transportation and reports work on each toll road in Washington.

Picking a Good To Go pass:

There are a Couple of Good To Go Pass alternatives, based on how and where you drive.

Most people select a sticker pass. It functions to pay tolls everywhere and costs $ 5 plus tax.

If you would like to carpool at no cost on the I-405 express toll lanes or SR 167 HOT lanes, you need to find a Flex Pass. It functions to carpool and pay tolls and costs $15 plus tax.

If you put in a car to your own account without purchasing a Good To Go Pass for it, you will be charged an additional 25-cent photograph enforced fee on each toll excursion.

Unsure which pass is ideal for you? Use our Pick a Pass helper.

Where to get a Good To Go Pass

Most people order their Good To Go Pass while they are setting up their accounts. If you order straight from Good To Go! It’ll be sent to you ready to use.

If you want your pass straight away, you can purchase some sorts of passes in some engaging Fred Meyer or QFC retail locations. You will want to link it to trigger a pass that is store-bought. You’ll have the opportunity to do that when you make your account, or you may do it afterward.

If you carpool or ride a bike on I-405, you might have the ability to receive a free pass while supplies last. Just make certain to activate it by connecting it to some Good To Go! Account when it comes in the mail.

Create A Good To Go Pass Account

When you open your account on, you deposit $30 to pay future tolls and moves. Should you buy a Good To Go! Pass when creating the account, that money will come from the $30 you deposited. When the balance gets low, the account is automatically refilled. Find out more about Good To Go! Account principles and payment options.

What about visitors and rental cars?

We have a lot of choices for visitors and infrequent drivers including short-term accounts or the alternative to your hosts to add you to their account. But if you are using a rideshare app or a vehicle make certain to look at your terms and conditions since they each have policies that are different and sometimes have fees.

Paying with no account

If you don’t need to establish A Good To Go!! Pass account you may choose to Pay By Mail, except about the SR 167 HOT lanes. You don’t have to do anything we email you a bill within a month and will have a photo of your license plate. You will be billed an additional $2 per trip, so if you use toll roads Pay By Mail only makes sense.

Bear in mind, you may still lower outstanding toll bills once you get them in the mail by calling us to establish a new account. All you’ve got to do is ask and call.

The only road in Washington that still has toll booths is your Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Paying at the toll booth costs $1 more than paying using a Good To Go! pass.

Good To Go Flex Pass:

A Flex Pass is a Sort of Good To Go! Pass created for men and women that carpool from the I-405 express toll lanes or the SR 167 HOT lanes.

It works on each toll road in Washington and offers the flexibility of our moves to you. Not only can you use it to pay tolls, but it also provides you the option to carpool at no cost on the SR 167 HOT lanes and the I-405 express toll lanes (see carpool rules).

When are tolling hours?

Tolls are collected at these times. Everyone can drive for free (no pass needed) at all other times:

I-405 express toll lanes: 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday

SR 167 HOT lanes: 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week

Do I Need a Good To Go Flex Pass?

You should get a Flex Pass if:

You wish to carpool toll-free in the I-405 express toll lanes. The Flex Pass is your only pass which lets you ride free of charge in the state toll lanes through tolling hours.

You wish to occasionally carpool toll-free at the SR 167 HOT lanes and sometimes pay the toll for a solo driver.

You do not want a Flex Pass if:

You just plan to journey as a solo driver — some other Good To Go! pass will work to pay the toll on any Washington state toll road.

You just plan to travel in the SR 167 HOT lanes as a carpool. You don’t need some Good To Go! Pass whatsoever if you’re just carpooling on SR 167 (however you won’t have the ability to use these lanes when you are by yourself).

You do not drive on I-405 or SR 167 during tolling hours.

Not sure the Flex Pass is the pass for you? Attempt the Good To Go! Pick a Pass helper.

How does Good To Go Pass works?

The pass has a slider, enabling you to switch between HOV mode and style. Change the pass when you have people in the car to travel toll-free in the toll lanes or the SR 167 HOT lanes. If you do not qualify to ride toll-free, place to TOLL mode to cover your toll.

What about other toll roads?

A Flex Pass set to style or HOV will permit you to pay your toll at the speed on Tacoma Narrows bridges and the SR 520. Carpools don’t travel so it does not matter where mode your Flex Pass is set.

Can I qualify for a free Flex Pass?

If you carpool on I-405 between Bellevue and Lynnwood at least once a week with at least another person, you could be entitled to a complimentary Flex Pass.

Which are the other pass choices?

Then you may use a decal pass if you are not carpooling on I-405 or SR 167. It functions to pay tolls.

Motorcycles should Find a Good To Go! Read Below about Good To Go motorcycle pass.

Good To Go! Motorcycle Pass:

Motorcyclists must pay tolls in the SR 99 Tunnel when tolling begins, and on the SR 520 and Tacoma Narrows bridges. If you use these streets, you might establish a Good To Go! Account to cover the lowest toll prices and avoid getting bills in the mail.

Motorcycles can ride for free in the SR 167 HOT lanes and at the I-405 express toll lanes, however, passengers at the I-405 express lanes are needed to have a Good To Go! Bicycle moves to avoid being charged a toll. A Good To Go! Account is discretionary on these streets.

Why is a Good To Go!! essential on I-405?

So as to indicate our equipment to not send a toll invoice, A motorcycle pass is essential on the toll lanes. Motorcycles with no bicycle pass will be given a bill in the mail. This is the economical and most reliable way for us to sportbikes.

Can I qualify for a free Good To Go motorcycle pass?

Motorcyclists who travel on I-405 can request one free Good To Go! motorcycle pass per person while supplies last. You can ask for a free bicycle pass by taking a short online survey.

Can I buy motorcycle passes?

If you do not qualify for a free motorcycle pass or have several bikes, you can buy bicycle passes for $8 plus tax each.

What does the pass look like and where does it go in my bicycle?

The bike pass is a decal that sticks with the backing that is clear to the bike headlamp. Motorcycle moves will be unusable and ruined if they’re moved or corrected after installation. This lets you see if anyone has tampered with your pass and protects you. Visibility or light doesn’t impact.

Be sure to keep those installation problems in mind, when you are installing your pass:

  • ​Passes should be set up horizontally. Installing the pass can reduce precision and the range of the antenna.
  • Bending the pass could get the antenna to malfunction. We suggest mounting the pass if your bicycle has a sharp headlamp.
  • Make certain you installed the bike pass, rather than the barcode that came from the packaging.

What if I have a bike pass but get a toll invoice in the mail for a trip on I-405?

Do not discount the toll bill! Please contact us and let us know so that we can work to solve this situation.

Can I-405 motorcycle trips appear in my online billing history?

Newer motorcycle passes shouldn’t reveal any record of I-405 state toll lane excursions online.

Motorcycle passes purchased before March 2015 can assess for toll credits on the internet. These passes will demonstrate a charge for the amount and a toll of about five days. These credits and charges will appear in the”Account history” page about five days after your trip, but may not be visible on the”My Account” page.

What can I do if I see incorrect charges on my account?

If your statement indicates a photograph toll fee and a toll, it means the toll equipment can’t read that your bike pass. You might need to see with a customer service center so that we can test your pass and replace it if it is incompatible with your bike or does not work.

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