Green Panthera Review – Worth the Time Or Waste the Time?

Green Panthera Review: Green Panthera is just one of numerous online survey websites that claim by joining, you can make money. It has been tested by me for quite a long time and I understand all the intricacies of the website.
Is Green Panthera a waste of time or a survey site worth?

I will provide the details to you. I give you advice and hints; some warnings will provide you all of the plusses and minuses, and describe what Green Panthera is, and what changes you have on the website.

By the conclusion of this review, you will know whether it is.

Green Panthera Review: What is Green Panthera

Green Panthera is, first of all, a survey website, where you could get paid to share your opinion. But in addition, it provides a couple of ways to earn money.

Let me start by showing that I have been paid by it many times myself, so I know it’s legit. But I also have received.

Let’s begin by going over so you can see not or if it’s the site for you, and just how great they all are.

  • Paid surveys:

Green Panthera Review is, as previously mentioned, first of all, and that’s the way.

It offers paid surveys per day. You will get an email every time a survey is so that you don’t need to log into the website to check.

However, you may want to log in once in a while anyway, as some of the additional earning approaches are only available on the platform (I’ll get to those below), and you may also receive an overview of available surveys within the member’s area.

Lots of the emails will be using a link, although you will find emails with survey invitations daily. Somewhat annoying, but fortunately it doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds to test, and there are also surveys that work, and those that work offer an ok reward regarding time spent.

However, you need to bear in mind that it requires a little bit of patience to discover the surveys which are really available — more or less all survey sites will have polls that you don’t qualify for or that aren’t available, but it occurs more frequently on Green Panthera than on the top paying survey sites.

So in case, you wish to make it on Green Panthera you want to be somewhat patient and not give up even though you receive emails with invitations or links. But it can provide you access.

  • Offer wall:

Aside from polls, Green Panthera also features an offer wall with compensated supplies. It can, for instance, be for downloading an app or game registering for a site to find a reward, and provides like that.

You will get some nice offers here with wonderful rewards, but be certain you read all the requirements before taking one of these offers, as sometimes it takes you to for example play a match for a specific period of time, to be reached by an advertiser, etc. Make sure to understand what you will need to do to get the reward.

On the deal wall, you might find polls. In comparison to other survey sites, Green Panthera doesn’t have the variety of supplies that are paid for, but you can find some good ones here.

  • Online shopping:

Green Panthera includes a collaboration with lots of shops if you prefer to do shopping.

This isn’t so much a means to save money, although a means to generate money. You’ll find a discount if you shop in one of those stores. If you like shopping online, it can be a means to save a little money.

though the choice of stores is large on Green Panthera, it is to shop for individuals living in Canada the United States, or the United Kingdom.

Read More:

If you want to save money a website like Swagbucks provides reductions that are larger and money-back offers to way.

But if you’re a member of Green Panthera, the purchasing department is worth checking out because it can be a means to save money on items you buy.

  • Coupons:

On Green Panthera, you might find coupons to save money.

Or that is. That may be due to the country I reside in, so it may be different for you, although I haven’t had any coupons available to me. But don’t expect many of them.

Below, I’ve made if you want an inside look at the platform, so check it out:

How can Green Panthera pay?

Green Panthera Review
Green Panthera Review

You get bucks which you could get out through PayPal, which is a way when you take a survey or an offer at Green Panthera.

Most polls give $0.75-$1, and on average the polls take between 5-15 minutes. Bear in mind that you can’t see the amount on your Green Panthera accounts straight away when you’ve completed a survey. They write you will have the ability to find the cash. In my experience, it takes around 3-5 days.

Green Panthera Review

It may take longer to be accepted, so you have to be somewhat patient, should you not find the money in your account in a couple of days.

Notice that you need a PayPal account to enroll in Green Panthera. In the form you need to fill out once you join, there’s a field saying” PayPal account”. Here you need to write the email address that you’re currently using for PayPal. It took a little time to determine what I was supposed to put in that area to me, so you understand:–RRB-.

When you ask for your PayPal account for a payout, it may take up to 2 weeks until you’ve got enough money in your accounts, but it happens.

You can’t cash out until you have earned $30, which is a payment threshold in contrast to other websites. There are PayPal survey websites with a lot lower threshold, and on Green Panthera, it may take a little patience to reach the brink. But it is possible, and I have done it a few times myself.

How long do you must spend to create money on Green Panthera?

Will take 5-15 minutes. The reward you get for them is generally good in regard to the time spend on each questionnaire. They send an email whenever there’s a survey that is accessible, so you don’t need to log in to confirm the website.

You need to be aware that you may need to spend time clicking on links as I mentioned previously, to polls that aren’t available anyway. It only requires a couple of moments to test, but it can be frustrating and annoying, so you’ve got to be somewhat patient.

Like in all of my other reviews of paid survey websites, I would like to emphasize that this won’t make you rich and won’t make you a full-time revenue.

You may not do the polls, and thereby, and I mention this as if this is what you need, you will be disappointed also not earn any money.

Could you use Green Panthera on mobile?

Personally, I prefer since making it effortless to earn on the move survey sites that are available on mobile.

In theory, you may use Green Panthera on mobile. You can log into the site on your mobile although it doesn’t have a program.

So that you must zoom out and in to have the ability to navigate on displays, the website itself is not well optimized for mobile. But luckily you’ll receive invitations via email and on the links can click here and choose the polls.

The site is not so convenient to use on mobile, although That means you can take Green Panthera polls on mobile.

Complaints about Green Panthera

I haven’t had any issues and it’s been working fine for me and I have been compensated by the stage many times. It requires a little more patience to obtain the poll you qualify for than on the top paying survey sites, but I haven’t had any other issues.

But I’ve received many messages from people who have whined about facets of Green Panthera and experiences.

So I have upgraded this review and contained this part here so that you could get an idea about what other peoples’ experiences are, and I have included these complaints.

I’ve gotten a few complaints from people who have had their accounts suspended before they were able to cash out and after they have never been able to find responses from the service team of Green Panthera. I have not had problems with getting suspended myself but it appears this has attempted or cashed out. Since I have not gotten this info what the reason is, I can’t say.

Is that it requires plenty of patience to find an answer from the service. Below that some people report never to hear back, you can see.

I have been connected with the support myself of Green Panthera a couple of times and have gotten a quick response. They have been asked by me about the remarks about people not getting a response. I had been told that should you not get a response, it’s ideal to write.

Under this review I’ve received from comments, it appears it won’t always help. However, in case you don’t get a response and should need support, then try to write. If they get abusive in their 20 and do it.

It feels like not everyone has the exact same experiences with Green Panthera as me before you join, and it’s worth taking into account.

But I need to emphasize that I have not had problems with Green Panthera, and I’ve always been paid with no problems. But if you find out you don’t need to join, there are plenty of survey sites which you could join.

In which countries is Green Panthera available and who can join?

You can participate in Green Panthera if you come from a lot of different countries and in many languages. You can see the image below to see which countries it’s likely to participate in.

Be aware that where are enrolled as living if you’re not in the nation, you won’t have the ability to participate. When traveling, so you can’t participate.

You need to be 18 years old to join Green Panthera.

Your account earnings will be shown in dollars. In most countries, you will have the ability to take surveys but a few things on the website itself will be in English in your country.

Green Panthera Review Final Words: Worth it?

Green Panthera Review
Green Panthera Review

Green Panthera has both good and some not-so-good aspects, but it’s not a scam, and you can actually earn a little additional money if you’re patient enough to reach the payout threshold. I know this for a fact as the site myself has paid me many times. This is the all about Green Panthera Review you can read all about.

But let’s sum up the pros and cons before deciding if it is for you or not, so you can get a better overview:


  • Pays out through PayPal
  • Decent rewards in relation to time spent
  • Good joining bonus


  • High payout threshold ($30)
  • Several people have complained about poor customer support
  • Way too many invitations with” dead” links

I have not had any issues with Green Panthera myself, and have been paid out through PayPal without any problems. But as you can see above, there are.

So I would say it is a site with potential. But it will take a little bit of patience to reach the payout threshold for and to find the surveys you are eligible for.

So it should not be the survey site you are currently relying on to earn a little additional cash. It can be fine to join as an extra site, but I would strongly recommend joining other paid survey sites in your country as well.

Otherwise, it will simply just take too long for you to make any money, and not be worth your time.

How do you sign up for Green Panthera?

It’s very easy and quick to sign up. Click the button below, choose your country, and you’ll go to the website, where you have to complete a short registration formula of Green Panthera.

It takes 1 minute. Bear in mind that you will need a PayPal account to be able to join. As soon as you join, you’ll find a $5 joining bonus in your account.

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