Harris Poll Online Review: Legit Or Scam?

You might or might not have heard about Harris Poll Online. It’s a site. There are belonging to over 90 nations. It can be difficult deciding not or whether any site is reliable and this includes the Harris Poll Online. Our Legit or Scam review team is currently going to discuss the authenticity of Harris Poll Online and research. Here read the complete Harris Poll Online Review before signup.

Whether it is a source of money that is dependable or not. This is an unbiased and outstanding review to give you an insight as to what the site is all about and what to expect while using it.

Harris Poll Online Review:

Harris poll is among the oldest and most polls in the world, working with a focus on the Canadian industry and the US for over 45 years. Have your say and see the results in the surveys. You can compare opinions experiences and much more. Sometimes it will be published in global and national media outlets. The Harris Poll is a member of the National Council of Public Polls (NCPP), the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), the Council for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR), and the European Society for Opinion & Marketing Research (ESOMAR).

About Harris Poll Online Company:

Harris Poll Online is a project. The latter is a New York-based company that focuses on market study and manipulation. It was established in 1975 and has prevailed over time, which gives us an indication of confidence regarding its merchandise and performance.

Because of the age of the business, Harris Poll has found its footsteps all around the world. Its reviews are resources from companies covering all of the continents and various industrial segments. The business has been acknowledged by various polling and advertising groups in the united states and Europe.

Should you turn your attention towards the Better Business Bureau for the Harris Poll’s score, then You’re bound to be

impressed. It features an A+ grade from an F to an A+ range. This implies that it has the highest credit score that’s possible to achieve. This rating isn’t easy to achieve and must be complemented with honest business policy and performance.

Additionally, the BBB information also affirms our above information concerning the foundation of the firm i.e. Rochester, NY.

The background check leaves us with a fantastic impression of the business and makes it seem very legit. Let’s visit the site and use the platform to find out more about it.

About Harris Poll Online Panel Website:

The site looks very clean and the design is far better than most survey sites. What struck the moment you view the Web Site is a message saying out:

‘Hello Harris Panel Members!
We appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us. Please, note that we recently found an unauthorized party accessed a few of Harris Panel members’ rewards benefits. As a preventative measure, we added security protocols and have reset all account passwords.
We are committed to being responsible stewards of their personal data within our control. If you have any queries, please contact us HERE’

This isn’t the impression as a user. It demonstrates that the website isn’t serious about its own security. A deficiency of any certificate on the site further proves this. This means that data losses may occur, data may be used for gain and the site itself can be completely compromised. However, most survey sites don’t spend a lot on their site front page safety so we still have our fingers crossed.
The site was last updated in the passing year as supported by copyright © 2015′ text at the bottom. Again, any serious site would have a group of programmers to keep the website current.

So by the general appearance of this, the Harris Poll Online site is of an average standard and doesn’t give super great vibes.

Our Experience With Harris Poll Online Review:

Harris Poll Online Review
Harris Poll Online Review

To provide you an entirely holistic opinion of the site and the program itself, we’ve opted to join the website and utilize it as an individual. We’re going to experience what any newbie could, including all of the good and the bad.

  • First of all, it must be mentioned that there are age restrictions for using this program. If you’re an American citizen and reside in the country, you ought to be at least 13 years old to use this platform. If you belong to any other eligible country, you ought to be at least 14 years old to utilize the platform.
  • Now the signing up procedure is a simple one itself. The website has another signing-up page that requires you to fill in your information in the appropriate text box. After signing up, you’re required to confirm your email address. In our view, this is an excellent choice by the company as the next step confirmation will draw any junk users from the site. Therefore no junking up of the platform.
  • We were unable to pick our own password. The business gives a random password for you. This can be annoying and it can be tricky to recall the password.
  • Upon registering and verifying the email, the platform is instantly accessible and you can begin earning.
  • Today we encountered many different surveys. These were distinct depending on their types in addition to the duration and complexity. Generally speaking, it took us anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes to wrap up with a survey. The variety kept us interested and assisted in preventing boredom to settle in.
  • There are particular surveys available also. While we didn’t opt into these but we think they are worth mentioning. These surveys consist of specific focus groups, telephone-based surveys, email-based polls, and even surveys on independently downloaded applications. The sort of polls you get is determined by the website.
  • We were amazed to observe that as we browsed through the polls, we found many which included subjects like religion and ethics. These are regarded as sensitive topics and polls aren’t normally undertaken by firms under these subjects. However, the most frequent topics were usually associated with music, fashion, movies, and markets.
  • Each survey gave us points following completion. We weren’t told about the worthiness of the polls until we had finished it. Note that sometimes you might be disqualified from a survey. We had been disqualified from our third poll, after just a couple of minutes spent online. What can be a sound positive regarding Harris Poll is how you get 15 points for disqualification.
  • We were sent a total of 3 to 5 surveys a month. We’ve been advised that this is the case with most reviewers. So, unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of surveys to run every month.
  • As stated previously, all the surveys cause a deposit of credit points from the accounts. After the account’s credit reaches 1250 points, we’re liable for payment. The 1250 points are equivalent to $10 in actual price. Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no cash payment. We can ask for a payment in the form of e-cards and gift vouchers from Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, ESPN, Walmart, etc.
  • After we had finished about 10 odd polls, we could cross the 1250 points barrier. It took us two whole months.
  • We picked an Amazon card as our payment. The site states that the payment is attained within 15 business days, however, we received it in 10 days. (Hooray). Notice that the payment is received in the email account rather than on the stage itself.
  • While the polls are restricted and don’t earn much, we were thrilled to get an email stating that we were chosen for the Harris Poll sweepstake. We didn’t know about this feature when conducting polls, however, we researched it and found out that Harris Poll does a sweepstake in each business quarter. The business gives away ten thousand dollars to a lucky winner. Entries are automatically sent to the sweepstake and are obtained every single time you become disqualified or get involved in a brief survey.
  • The winner of the sweepstake is listed on the site. We will inform you if we win it, albeit the chances are strictly against us.
  • That is all that we obtained after using the website for a few months.

What we noticed about the site is that it doesn’t provide any referral program. This is contrary to what most survey sites provide. Referral programs generally offer higher commissions and are a much better way to make money.

Unfortunately, Harris Poll doesn’t have a mobile app like most other high-end bookmarking sites. This means that we can’t earn while on the move and need to sit with a notebook. Even if you’re determined to use the site on mobile, we must warn you that the site isn’t optimized and hence isn’t always user-friendly.

How Does Harris Poll Online Pay?

Harris Poll Online doesn’t provide cash payout options. The Hitpoints you collect overtime may be redeemed for merchandise and gift cards.

As soon as you reach the minimum amount of Hitpoints (1250 points, an equivalent of $10) required for salvation eligibility, you may select from an assortment of rewards from their spouses such as Amazon, iTunes, ESPN, Walmart, and Starbucks.

The gifts range from gift cards. Each survey you complete enters you into their sweepstakes, where you can win larger rewards, such as $10,000 worth of merchandise and gift cards.

Harris Poll Online Review User Complaint:

Harris Poll Online Review
Harris Poll Online Review: Legit Or Scam?

Well, here is the section of the review you have been patiently waiting for. Harris Poll Online looks good on paper so far due to its long history. However, it is not all sweet. Several things can give you pause.

Where’re My Benefits?

A fantastic number of users complained of difficulty while asserting their rewards. They’ll ask that you verify your identity at first before honoring their end of the deal. A small mismatch of the details you present could disqualify you completely. As an alternative, you’ll need to jump through hoops just to get your hard-earned $20 Amazon Gift Card, for instance.

Poor Customer Service

Virtually every negative consumer inspection, we stumbled upon mentioned a problem with their customer support. Your calls may go unanswered or mail blind-eyed, particularly if you’re a returning complainant.

BBB Rating

At the time of writing this review, the Better Business Bureau rates Harris Poll Online a C-, which might be a red flag for people who rely on these evaluations to find out the legitimacy of a corporation.

Not Worth Your Time

You may need to spend hours on the site going through surveys and opinion polls and not collect enough points to make any decent money. Sometimes the polls take too long and if you happen to rush through them, you run the risk of your accounts getting canceled.

No Standard Reward System

Users throughout the board complained of a non-standard reward system. There’s also no certainty that the thing will be available at the time you acquire enough points to redeem it.

No Money Payouts

The conditions of payment make it very clear that there’s not any cash reward system. Let’s face it, gift cards are adorable, but money can be used everywhere and can pay your invoices.

Only Available in the U.S.A and Canada

The business might pride itself as global, but opinions don’t come from all around the world, just the United States, its territories, and Canada.

Harris Poll Online Pros & Cons:

After considering the comments provided to us by the consumers and undergoing the stage for ourselves, it’s apparent that a blueprint is for the bad and the good on this site.


  • The site pays out at the time.
  • You can begin with no investment.
  • You will find reward points even when you’re disqualified.
  • The website isn’t confined to only American nationals compared to other big survey websites.
  • Payment reaches you in time.


  • The platform isn’t feasible for earning frequently. It can’t become a part-time job.
  • There is absolutely no option of withdrawing money. You have to choose between many different gift cards.
  • The proportion of effort and time makes the site pretty grueling for many users.
  • The survey amount is limited to 4 or 5 per month. You can’t understand the worth of this survey until after the conclusion.

Final Words: Harris Poll Online

So, now we’ve everything laid out in front of us. The details are clear and they highlight Harris Poll Online. I hope you like Harris Poll Online Review on Cashogame.

legit company. You may visit this website and turn your efforts if you’re a newbie. You can also try for SwagBucksInboxDollars & SurveyClub Also.

But when we would refer it to someone else and if you ask our opinion concerning the site, then our response is. While that simple fact remains that Harris Poll is a legit site that is honest, the simple truth is it is not a solution. The payout is low and the effort is too much. This makes a horrible combination. Maybe if you’re a teenager, with all the time in the world, you can play around on this site and make a few bucks which you can invest to earn more money, but if you’re an adult you’ll largely disappointed with the site and hence should avoid it.

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