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Objectives of Interview

1. To develop understanding towards the client.

2. To develop an understanding of the client’s circumstances.

3. To get information about the problem.

4. Familiarize yourself with the objectives of the worker.

5. To acquire knowledge about the cause of the problem and its stages of development.

6. To find out the density and dimension of the problem.

7. To give proper guidance to the client.

8. To help the client in such a way that he can develop a real understanding of his problems and situations.

9. Knowing the causes of the problem along with its impact.

10. Sorting and understanding the problems.

Meaning of Interview – Interview refers to the method in which interviewers try to get real information on a subject by meeting the concerned people personally and asking them questions and getting answers from them. In this system, a lot is known about the feelings, attitudes values ​​etc. of human beings on the basis of mutual interaction and face-to-face relationships. For this reason, the importance of this method in social research is increasing continuously.

1. Personal Information- In the interview system personal contacts are established and an attempt is made to enter into each other’s thoughts and feelings. Thus personal information can be collected through this system with ease and convenience.

2. Direct Contact- Its second purpose is to establish a direct, close and personal face-to-face relationship between the informant and the researcher so that more reliable information can be obtained.

3. Observation Possible- In the interview method, the researcher comes to the field to establish contact. In this way, observation of social events can also be done easily.

4. Knowledge of different aspects of problems- In this method, the social researcher establishes contact with many types of people and talks openly about a social problem, from this more information can be obtained about different aspects of that social problem. can.

5. Hypothesis Formation- Various types of information is obtained about social life, social events and social problems through interview. On the basis of this information, it helps in the formulation of new hypotheses for social research.

The use of interviews in actual research is increasing day by day. The reason for this is that the nature of social events is more qualitative and for the study of these phenomena actual study is possible only through interview method. In fact, the palace or utility of interview can be understood on the basis of the following advantages-

1. Validation of Information Possible- The contradictions of the facts obtained through interview and both can be removed simultaneously, can make the information more authentic by the method experienced and skilled interviewer. In fact, authenticity is the main element of social research. In such a situation, the importance of using the interview method becomes self-evident.

2. Collection of Information from people of all levels- It is convenient to collect information from persons of all levels through interviews. For example, if the housing problem of workers is to be studied, then the concerned workers and owners can be interviewed. If the background of the crime is to be studied, then the prisoners and jail officials can be interviewed. In fact, this method is very useful in collecting information directly from all levels of people.

3. Study of Abstract Facts- In the normal state, observation of abstract facts and events is not possible, their study is possible through the interview method. Important information is obtained through direct contact about the abstract phenomena of a person’s ideology, perception, feeling, emotion etc. Perhaps this is why Goode and Haat have written, “Interview has become of great importance in contemporary research because it is a re-evaluation of the qualitative interview.

It is clear from the above description that the importance of interviews has been in human society since ancient times and its importance remains in the present or the utility of the interview method has become more in present than before.


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