How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon

You can cover your purchases using a Visa Gift card, checking account, debit card with a credit card logo, or an gift card code. In this article, I will share How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon? only allows you to utilize multiple payment methods if one of these methods is an gift card code and another is a debit card, credit card, or checking account. It will not allow you to divide your transaction total and pay with multiple credit cards. You may pay for an order with multiple payment methods by using them all to purchase Amazon gift card codes, then using the codes to cover your purchase.

How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon

Here is the step by step guide on How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon:

  • Step 1

Buy enough visa gift cards to cover the purchase price of your intended purchase. Buy them with cash, checks, or credit cards in retail kiosks that sell gift cards; the present card codes are on the gift cards, and buying the card triggers the code for use on You may also buy gift card codes right for any value amount on the site. Click on the” Gift Cards” link on the peak of the home page and follow the onscreen instructions to buy the sort of electronic gift card you would like.

  • Step 2

Use just 1 payment system per gift card purchase. Purchase gift cards that are several, if you would like to use multiple payment techniques and cover each one with another payment method.

  • Step 3

The present Visa Gift card to your account. Click “Gift Cards” at the top of the homepage, then scroll down and click on the” Apply to Your Account” button under the” Redeem Your Gift Card” section. Sign into your accounts, and enter each gift card code to the area individually, hitting” Apply to Your Account” after every code. The purchase quantities of the gift cards will appear as credits toward future purchases.

  • Step 4

Add items to your shopping cart and then click on” Proceed to Checkout” when you are done shopping. From the” Payment Method” screen, follow the directions to add a payment method if the gift card credits do not fully cover the amount of your purchase. You can use gift card codes and one other payment system, like a checking account or a credit card.

Complete your purchase. Click” Continue” from the” Payment Methods” display, then review your purchase. When you are ready to publish the order, click” Place Your Order” You will be given a confirmation email for your purchase, sent to the email address associated with your account.

You can follow those steps or read more below How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon?

Best Way to Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon:

There is $3.27 left on your Visa card. Are you scratching your head wondering how many packs of gum you may buy? Put down. Did you know you could use your Visa gift card? All you’ve got to do is follow the steps below.

How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon

How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon
How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon
  • Visit Amazon’s “Reload Your Balance” webpage
  • Enter the amount in your Visa gift card
  • Sign in to your accounts; this step is required even if you’re already logged in to your Amazon account
  • Click ‘Edit’ from the payment method box; you will then be redirected to a new page where you’ll click on insert a card’
  • Enter your gift card information in the specified fields and click on next; if you are unsure as to
  • which title is on the card, then There’s a balance check number on the back of the card that you can call to mention the data
  • Select your gift card as the payment method and click on “done”
  • You will then be redirected to the reload your equilibrium display; confirm that the amount of the gift card and click the “reload” button

Still, wondering why this is helpful? Imagine you’ve got seven Visa gift cards with funds ranging from $1.89 to $17.54. Rather than working with each gift card, you can combine your Visa gift card balance to invest on Amazon. There is not any maximum or minimum amount needed to reload your Amazon gift card balance.

Don’t forget your Visa gift card could have an expiration date. Reloading your Amazon equilibrium is away!

As an extra tip, use the steps below to redeem your Amazon gift cards.

The Way to Use Amazon Gift Cards

  • Locate the claim code on the back of your Amazon gift card
  • Sign in to your Amazon account; if You Don’t have an account, click the “I am a new customer” button and Create an account
  • Access “Your Account”
  • Click on the “gift cards” button
  • Click the redeem a Gift Card’ button under “Your Gift Card Balance”
  • Input the Amazon claim code
  • Click on the application to your equilibrium’ button

Benefits of Using Visa Gift Card on Amazon

Perhaps the best advantage of loading your visa gift card on Amazon, is that you won’t lose it. Rather than there sitting becoming thrown out with the email and misplaced, or a card, never used, on a shelf in your office, including the balance, means it is always there, whenever and wherever it is needed by you.

You can place gift card balances including up them to put on your next purchase. There are so the balance can grow and there is no limit. You can load Visa gift cards that are complete directly.

Best of all, there is an expiration date on a Visa gift card, but not on an Amazon account balance. Except that you may apply it to an Amazon purchase, it is just like having the money in your hand. You won’t need to carry around a whole lot of cards, about how much balance is left on some of them, or worry. Load them and the money is ready whenever you’re.

Alternet way to Use Visa Gift Card on Amazon:

The balance will be taken by amazon from the Visa gift card in the same manner as it would if you were booted your Amazon account up with a debit card or credit. There may be an additional step or two, but the process is easy and quick.

Activate Your Card:

You will need to activate your gift card before loading the cash to Amazon. There should be a note on the sleeve which lets you know so if it had been activated at the time of purchase. If not, there’ll be a number to call on the support rep will activate it and the back of the card. This step usually requires a couple of moments and is automated.

Read More:

Check Your Balance

It is a fantastic idea so you are sure how much money you are going to be putting onto your Amazon account when you activate your card. If the card has been activated at the time of purchase, you may call the number on the back of the card.

Sign into Your Amazon Account

The next step is to register into your Amazon account. If you don’t have one, click on the” New client? Start here” link under the” Sign in” button, and set up one. The method is easy and clear.

Once into your accounts, view your balance by hovering over the area which says” Hello, (your name), Your Account”. A menu will appear. Click on “Your Account”, then click on the “Gift Cards & Top Up” box. You might be prompted to enter your password.

Load the Visa Gift Card Balance

You are on your Amazon account Present Balance screen. If you have never loaded anything where you set up the account, the balance will be zero and set to the local money. To bring the balance from your Visa gift card, click on” Reload your Balance”. Don’t click on” Redeem a Gift Card” as this applies to Amazon gift cards, not Visa gift cards.

Now, you should be prompted to enter the balance. You can click it, but if your balance isn’t displayed, simply type it in, if the equilibrium is displayed as a button. You don’t have to type in the currency symbol.

Below this, you’ll see that the” Payment Method” section, where you may add your card. Enter the number in the Visa card’s front.

In the box for “Name on Card”, enter the text found beneath the card number. This could be ”Gift Card Recipient” or” A Special Gift For You” or something similar. Input the text as it looks on the card’s front.
Enter the expiration date with the drop-down menus, then click on the yellow” Next” button.

When asked for the billing address, click” Insert a new address” and enter your preferred address — users usually enter their home address, as Amazon already has it on file. The card has no speech but it’s a required entry.

The next step is to pick the card that is input. The choice should say” Visa end in” followed by the last four digits of the card number, then the” Name on card” entry, and the date. So the dot at its middle is filled in, click the circle — it might have been selected automatically.

It won’t expire, even if the card does When the amount in the card is loaded to your Amazon account. But the effort will fail if you attempt to load funds out of a card that has expired.

Assess Your New Balance

How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon
How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon

Click on the” Reload” button at the bottom of the page to be confirmed that the fund’s transfer was successful. You should see a box look, with telling and a checkmark that the amount will be added to your account. The notification will include the date, and the payment method used, with the last four digits of the card.

Time to Shop

The move should be completed in a couple of minutes from the moment you click” Reload” and your funds will then be prepared to spend. You’ll also get an email to your account that is registered to officially inform you that your equilibrium is available. You add to them, may keep the funds on your accounts, or invest them.

If you do make a purchase, the funds will automatically be applied to your purchase. Any amount will be brought up to be covered by an alternative payment method.

By way of instance, you made a purchase, and if you had $100 on your Amazon account, the amount would automatically come out of your account. If you purchased something, the 100 would come from the account and you would be motivated to pay the 50 with a debit or credit card.

This manner, putting funds in your Amazon account from the Visa gift card, allows you to avoid dates to keep it safe, and employ it and you buy on Amazon.

Why Don’t You Use Your Visa Gift Card to purchase an Amazon Gift Card?
Since Amazon gift cards do not expire, and Visa gift cards sometimes do, an alternate way to keep your money from disappearing would be to purchase an Amazon gift card, together with your Visa gift card as the method of payment.

Amazon declines some gift cards for this purpose, or just allows the purchase of an Amazon gift card up the balance on the other gift card, minus $1, but Visa gift cards operate every time, and you can purchase an Amazon gift card for the total amount available on the card you are attempting to clear. As a result, you don’t lose some of the worth, and you get safety.

Final Word: How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon

Log on to your Amazon account and click on the “Payment Option” button. Then click on” Insert a Credit or Debit Card”, and input the Visa gift card as you did previously.

When that is done, and there’s a good balance on your Amazon account, visit the eGift Card page on When prompted to enter the amount, click” Place my own” and enter the complete amount available on your Visa card. Enter your email address as the” Recipient email” and place” Now” from the delivery date box.

Choose the Visa gift card as the form of payment when checking out, and in your inbox, you will be given an Amazon gift card in a few hours. You can apply it.

It does not mean that you will need to rush out and spend it right away — or worry about dropping it because your Visa gift card has an expiry date on it. That you may move the money from your card onto an Amazon gift card into your inbox, or on your Amazon account.

When you put in the balance it is going to be applied automatically to your purchase — no hassle and no fuss. Any money owing will be shown for payment.

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