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I’m Feeling Curious: Almost two decades back was the first time this intriguing Google snippet or search engine trick is known as” I am feeling curious” popped in my browser.

I found similar ones from Google and the trick to realize it’d make a great subject for a blog. That the IFC Technology blog got started.

At the trick, I will have a look at this page. I am sure that you won’t find a combination of the information anywhere else.

If you will need to obtain some information quickly, google may be your go-to, but it is also a wonderful destination when you are looking to have a little fun. Continue reading for 10 search questions to learn something interesting in the procedure and you need to test Google on for a fun way to take a break.

What is “I’m Feeling Curious”

I want to think of the Google trick as possibly the most enlightening one that exists. It’s a whole boredom buster rather than in a time-wasting type of way. Instead, it can help you learn interesting facts and construct general knowledge while having fun.

Google is all about information, so once you search for the infamous curious trick, you’re presented with a fact box containing a random question, an answer to the query, and the source of the information or a site link. To me, that is the best method.

To use this trick, all you’ve got to do is go to, type in the search bar the words displayed in the picture below and you’ll be able to have exciting facts to your heart’s content. I have seen this trick work on other Google browsers also, such as,,, and much more.

When I’m Feeling Curious Started On Google:

Top 100 Fun Facts Search In Google - I’m Feeling Curious
Top 100 Fun Facts Search In Google

As with most technological advancements, I am a bit out of sync. It appears that the moment a trend starts to fade away, I find and utilize it. It is no different from this one. According to Google tendencies ( screenshot is shown below), the trick appears to have been added to the search engine around September 2015.

You can see the gigantic spike in search results around that time. The chart goes back to 2004. However, it is apparent that it just got started in 2015. Here is the tendency for this search phrase:

Unlike Google Gravity which I said at the start of the guide, which was a part of a job at Experiments With Google initiative, this search engine inclusion has no obvious path of history I can discover online.

The only info I can find about it is via tendencies or other informative articles. It is safe to assume that it was an initiative started by Google. Here’s a brief best I’m Feeling Curious Fun Facts for Google:

I’m Feeling Curious Fun Fact Search By Google

As seen by Amy Gesenhues at Search Engine Land, the most recent addition to Google’s lineup of procrastination-inducing tricks is the question” fun fact.” When you search for” fun fact” on Google’s newly-redesigned search page, the search engine will respond with a lively response box that comprises a randomly-selected question and response, together with a hyperlink to the original content where it found the info.

“I’m feeling curious”

I’m feeling curious about Search Result By Google

When you click the” Ask Another Question” button that appears when you request a fun fact, Google returns a search for” I am feeling ” This gives you another lively answer box with a different random fact. You can also choose to Google” I’m feeling curious” on the first attempt, and the response, conveniently, will also include the” Ask another question” button for an easy way to drop down the rabbit hole of random, fascinating information. (Other questions Google answered for me included” What plant does vanilla come from?”, “How long is the planet’s circumference?”, “Which country has the most camels in the world?”, and “Who were the first people to use money?”)

Read More:

“I’m feeling stellar”

I’m feeling stellar Search Result by Google

Numerous other interesting options are available once you hover over the” I am feeling lucky” button on Google’s search page. The button takes you to the first page returned for your query, which has some intriguing results. If you click” I’m feeling stellar,” Google shows you a display page on Google Earth’s Explore feature. I got one on the Hubble Telescope’s pictures of the Star Cluster NGC 602.

“I’m feeling trendy”

I’m feeling trendy Search Result By Google

I’m feeling trendy - I’m Feeling Curious
I’m Feeling Curious


If you click” I’m feeling trendy,” Google takes you to the Google Trends page for the newest trending searches. From there, you can explore the top searches for the current day or the previous day, or even change to researching the trends in another country.

I’m feeling wonderful Search By Google

If you click” I’m feeling wonderful,” Google will take you to a Google Cultural Institute page on one of the world wonders. You may scroll through photos, research the location on a map, or look in other places, collections, and even user galleries.

“I’m feeling playful”

I’m feeling playful Search By Google

If you click “I’m feeling playful,” Google will take you to one of its fun, interactive doodles. I received a May 2012 doodle for the digital-analog Moog synthesizer. The page included not only the interactive doodle but accompanying text complete with a diagram of the synthesizer’s components and an explanation of the background behind it.

  • “I’m feeling puzzled”

I’m feeling puzzled Search By Google

If you click” I’m feeling puzzled,” Google will take you to its” a Google per day” page, using a mystery for you to address. In a fun role change, Google will ask you a question, then you’ll use your search skills to find the solution.

  • “I’m feeling doodley”

I’m feeling doodley Search By Google

Clicking” I am feeling playful” is not the only means to a trip down memory lane through Google’s doodle archive. If you click” I’m feeling doodley,” Google requires you to one of its archived doodles. Google took me back to a June 2012 doodle for Alan Turing’s 100th birthday — an impressive one that Google says took a record quantity of user testing and iteration.

  •  “I’m feeling generous”

I’m feeling generous Search By Google

If you click on, “I am feeling generous,” Google takes you to the page on its One Now app, which allows you to discover nonprofit jobs, readily contribute, and get your friends to match your gifts.

  • “I’m feeling artistic”

I’m feeling artistic Search By Google

If you click on, “I am feeling artistic,” Google will choose a page from the Art Project site, which is a stage where you can explore high-resolution pictures of bits of art housed in several museums across the world.

Why I’m Feeling Curious Trick is Good:

Educational: As stated above, this trick isn’t only about having fun with Google, it’s also very helpful. You can learn things which you can apply to college or even in your own career. , as an example.

For someone seeking to study sign language, this is an essential question. That is because it permits you to comprehend the range of the sign language you’re studying and if your authority is the best for taking this career path. There are quite a few other questions that are really quite informational, especially when you have kids. They could learn a lot about what ranging from the world to medication.

Top 100 Fun Facts Search In Google
Top 100 Fun Facts Search In Google

Conclusion: I’m Feeling Curious

I’m the sort of person that could get bored fairly fast, even with something like feeling curious. Other people may sit for hours in front of the computer, consuming every tiny bit of information presented to them by this suggestion. However, I have been able to use it for at least five minutes. Do not get me wrong, it could be fun. I have just not been known as an overall knowledge buff.

In a tech world where things can often get really mundane, it is wonderful to see something that is not just made to waste time.

I hope you enjoyed this brief post! If you enjoyed this post, I have a feeling you will like another Google Easter Eggs too. Now, all that is left for you is to check it out on your own. If you’re in America, this Google Search link will require it. Otherwise, just type in these words into your Google search bar: I am feeling curious.

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