MarketAgent Reviews: Legit or Scam – Complete Review

MarketAgent Reviews: MarketAgent is a survey site that expanded to countries and is available in a number of countries.
But is it a legit site worth joining or a waste of time?

I Have examined and used by hundreds of paid survey sites, and I have had a look and analyzed it, and I will discuss my adventures with you.

So, if you would like to discover if it is prior to joining continue reading.

MarketAgent Reviews:

What’re MarketAgent Reviews and what does the site provide? has its headquarters in Switzerland. On the website, you can get a contact number in addition to the address. It is a very good sign, when you’re able to find this sort of information on a poll site since it is a sign there’s a legit and business behind since it isn’t attempting to conceal its location.

Being legit does not mean a site is worth joining. So let us look at what offers, so you may see, if it is for you or not.

How Does MarketAgent Works?

MarketAgent is available in several countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Romania, Russia, Norway, and the Netherlands. However, you won’t have the ability to register an account if you reside in Africa or South America.

To become a part of MarketAgent, You need to go. You can add information to personalize the surveys which you are suggested for by the platform.

You can begin collecting points and rewards. You earn points by enrolling, speaking and finishing surveys through MarketAgent’s app.

The app is intuitive and easy to use and provides a survey Consisting of a single question that takes a couple of seconds to complete. Note you won’t get paid to complete these little polls.

Maintaining your profile updated can even be paid on MarketAgent. With the addition of information on your own, you make it much easier for the platform to discover the most suitable surveys for your lifestyle and spending habits.

This reward is, although You’ll receive 50 points to update your profile Only processed annually, after receiving and you can update your profile.

Another way to earn points with MarketAgent is by doing micro-jobs, Including things like watching videos, Finishing reviews, and subscribing to content. To access these tasks, you must download MarketAgent’s app, but they’re not available in most countries.

Completing a survey can make anything from 20 to 250 points to you. And while the majority of the polls are in the lower range of the spectrum, you may receive one with more points.

MarketAgent hosts over 1,000 surveys but as it has More than a million members with 650 members daily, there’s not enough work for everybody. Consequently, the potential This stage is limited.

What MarketAgent Provides:

Paid surveys: Paid surveys are the most important way to make money on MarketAgent. It makes it effortless to use and simple to navigate because there aren’t a lot of options.

But, that means there are not as Earning opportunities as on sites that also have methods that are other paid surveys.

I am not impressed with the number Of survey on MarketAgent. Is just one MarketAgent fairly enlarged to, so that may be part of the reason, but I have obtained a very limited quantity of survey supplies? It may be different in different countries.

You will get an email when it is a survey so you don’t need to login to the test.

Joining bonus: Once you first join MarketAgent, you receive 150 points connecting bonus. It is worth around $1.85 but that is based upon the payout method you may choose, which is a bit confusing, so I’ll explain this more in detail later in this review.

It is nice to get a linking Bonus because it is an excellent way to get started — it is a decent linking bonus though it is nothing like the $5 joining bonus a site like Swagbucks by way of instance offers. But is it a start.

Maintaining your profile updated: Most Survey sites have a profile section, where you are able to fill out some information about yourself to make it more easy for them to match the Correct polls with you.

On MarketAgent you can get paid to keep this updated — however Once annually, and once you are asked to do this through email. You’ll get 50 points for this, and because it is possible to perform after it is not a way to generate money.

Micro jobs: MarketAgent says you can also make money by performing micro-jobs — this is however only available if you download the official app they’ve.

I Have done that, and I don’t have any jobs that were micro out there. It can be due to the country I reside in, so it may be accessible to you but I can’t say what type of jobs, or how many you’ll get. However, if it is like anything else on MarketAgent, then you ought not to expect plenty of opportunities on the tasks that are micro.

Browser notification: MarketAgent includes a browser extension, you can turn on, then you will get a notification in your browser each time a new survey is available to you.

You enable it on the website itself in the section “browser telling”. When you turn it on, a popup will appear, the notifications.

Whether this is a way to be informed about polls that are new, or if It is annoying, is an option, but you know the option is there.

Invite friends: You can make a little extra by inviting friends to join MarketAgent. Mails can be sent by you from MarketAgent’s website, once you’re logged in, and invite friends like that. You will earn 100 points when they’ve taken their poll however you’ll just get this bonus. So if they don’t take any polls, you won’t get any bonus.

If you have a website, you are able to share promotional MarketAgent banner ads on your site. The reward will be the same though a person joins via an invitation, and you only once the individual takes the survey, gets paid.

It can be a way to generate a little additional money, but you will need to invite a lot of people to earn any money.

Below I’ve made a video tutorial of so that you can find an inside look And see what it has to provide for yourself.

How much money can you make?

You should not Tell the Truth Expect to make plenty of cash. The number of opportunities will differ from country to country, but in my view, the opportunities aren’t impressive.

Especially, not if you want to get paid through PayPal.

As I said I have never been offered a lot of surveys, but those that I have, have had a reward. The survey I like did take me and I got 20 points for it. That is equivalent to $0.08 if I wanted to have paid through PayPal and about $0.25 through Skrill.

No matter what, That’s a poor Reward for taking a survey in comparison to other sites. I’ve been offered surveys that provide a little bit more about MarketAgent but still not as large as on survey sites.

Additionally, once you have taken a survey, you Have to wait up to 3 weeks for the benefit to be approved and added to your MarketAgent reviews account. That is Quickly it belongs on sites.

Can you use it on mobile?

MarketAgent has its own app, which is great. It can make it simple to have a survey in a while when you’ve got a bit of time.

The app is user-friendly and user-friendly. You have the ability to take tasks here, and these aren’t available on the website.

I’ve not as mentioned Been able to verify this myself, as I have tested the app, but the tasks aren’t available there. So it is because it is or simply as it isn’t available.

From the app you get a survey — it is a fast Survey with only 1 question that takes a couple of seconds to answer. This is not a survey, you’ll get paid for, but a questionnaire for fun, where you can see the results of what members have answered.

Who will join MarketAgent?

MarketAgent can be obtained in around 30 states, so if you’re interested in joining, you must check on the website, if it is offered in your nation, as I can’t list all of them. The platform is currently expanding, so if your country isn’t available right now, it may be available in the future.

Is that in the Countries where it is available, it is offered in the language. So that means you can take surveys on Your language and navigate on the platform on your own language.

Is MarketAgent Legit?

MarketAgent is a legitimate paid survey site, and members do not have problems. The platform is free to join, so you have nothing to lose, and it is also simple and user-friendly to navigate.

But do not expect to make a lot of money with this stage if it is legit. The reward for finishing one is low, although are the number of surveys you may finish few and far between.

Additionally, you have to wait three weeks for MarketAgent to approve Then, your reward you need to wait an additional 5 to 8 days for If you don’t reside in the cash to be paid into the bank account the United States or the United Kingdom.

How Do I Get Paid?

With MarketAgent, It Is Possible to complete surveys to points One hundred points are worth $1.23, so you need to finish five 20-point surveys to make $1.23. The polls at the end of the point spectrum are quick and easy to finish.

You can exchange your points for money via Skrill or PayPal, which can be Both payment processors. Lots of men and women prefer PayPal because it is but you earn more per point if you cash out through Skrill. The minimum payout threshold with MarketAgent is 200 points.

Additionally, if you want to cash out with PayPal, then you have to pay a fee of 100 points per trade of 1,500 points or less. If You utilize Skrill, on the other hand, you do not need to pay a processing Fee–yet another reason.

Conclusion: MarketAgent Reviews:

MarketAgent is. Their customers are based in nations and Europe, and they utilize the services to acquire information on consumer lives, market trends, and demand for services and products of MarketAgent.

MarketAgent is a legit paid survey site, and if you have patience Can generate some cash. You may have to wait for a long time to Receive polls, however, and you won’t receive if you use PayPal The income you’ve earned.

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