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Moneydance Review: With its simple and intuitive user interface, Moneydance isn’t just simple to use but is also a highly effective budgeting program. You can sync the software to your financial institutions or manually insert and edit transactions. Read MoneyDance Review here with pros, cons & Pricing Plan.

With its simple and intuitive user interface, Moneydance isn’t just simple to use but is also a potent budgeting application. You can sync the software to your financial institutions or manually insert and edit transactions. Mobile apps enable you to keep an eye on your budget when you are away from your own desktop. You can even create multiple accounts with multiple budgets, in case you have more than 1 group of finances to handle. Each function independently, or you can include everything inside one budget. Read Complete Moneydance Review below:

Moneydance Review

Among the handiest features of home finance applications is the ability to sync to financial institutions so all the accounts and transactions from your account move. By doing this, you do not miss a single entrance.

With Moneydance, you have the option of syncing typical account types, checking, credit cards, loans, etc.. The loan balances you can sync comprise peer-to-peer lending balances, something not many other providers provide. You can also sync to investment and asset accounts to monitor your portfolio and other investments.

Syncing to your own bank also lets you reconcile your accounts against your budgeting documents, including monitoring missing checks. Moneydance offers private syncing so that your privacy is preserved. Not even Moneydance has access to your data.

Mobile apps offer access to a Moneydance account when you are on the go so that you can manually add trades, check balances or correct your budget as needed. Programs are available for Apple products, such as the iPhone and iPad. An Android program is available also. The only downside, however, is that you need to also have Dropbox accounts to sync your desktop app to your mobile device.

How Moneydance Works: Moneydance Review

Moneydance is provided by a company named The Infinite Kind.

It is a group of senior programmers, designers, and software architects, working together to make mobile and desktop applications. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, they use individuals around the world. Besides Moneydance, they’re also the proud purveyors of SyncSpace and SketchTo. Here in this Moneydance Review we talk and discuss Everything including pros & cons.

Using Moneydance, you can have your full financial world assembled in one location. It allows you to automatically download financial transactions from various financial accounts. Moneydance organizes your trades by automatically sorting them into their appropriate categories.

Moreover, you can get all your accounts in 1 place. That will eliminate the need to log on to a half dozen or more accounts every day. The program uses graphs and charts to give you a visual image of where your money is moving. That can be especially beneficial for anybody with difficulty monitoring spending.

You may even pay bills from the program, in addition, to receive alarms to remind you when payments are due. The previous feature can save you money by assisting you to avoid late fees.

And unlike real estate services such as Mint, Moneydance provides investment monitoring. Including savings, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and other investments. Not only does it keep an eye on your investments, but in addition, it displays the operation of each.

Moneydance is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, in addition to iOS and Android cellular phones.

Moneydance Key Features: Moneydance Review

Moneydance review
  • Online Banking

You probably have online banking via every individual bank but what if you have several accounts in at least two banks?

That is where Moneydance banking may be a benefit that is critical. Each account can be accessed by you. Moneydance automatically downloads your transactions, then categorizes them to help you monitor your spending. You may also make payments directly.

  • Moneydance Summary

That is your high elevation view — the big picture of your finances.

It includes account balances, upcoming and overdue transactions, payment reminders, as well as foreign exchange rate information. While everything is summarized on a single page, you can click on an account or select one from the drop-down list, to go directly to that account. There you can input transactions or reconcile your accounts.

  • Graphing Tool

If you are a visual learner, and several men and women are, you will come to love this feature. It lets you generate visual reports monitoring both your income and expenses.

You can create any sort of graph you are comfortable with and customize it with the specified date range and some other parameters you select. Graphs may be printed or stored on your PC.

  • Account Registers:

Here you can enter or delete trades, or make any edits necessary.

It is set up just like a traditional checkbook, but it automatically calculates your accounts and sorts your trades. Additionally, it has an auto-complete attribute for transactions.

  • Payment Reminders

You can use this tool to program either payments or recurring transactions. Use it and you will never forget a payment.

  • Investment Tracking

That is where Moneydance departs from lots of the pure budgeting programs. It allows you to trace your investments not only by upgrading the complete worth of your portfolio but also by providing the performance of individual securities. You’re able to track stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, and just about any other kind of investment.

It is possible to customize investment monitoring by setting it to automatically download security rates that are daily. It can also enable you to account for stock splits and to perform cost basis computations.

  • Foreign Currency Transactions

If you do any foreign currency transactions or possess a foreign-based bank account, you will really appreciate this feature. Moneydance can handle multiple currencies and will make automatic conversions. It keeps a history of conversion rates also so that your transaction from a couple of years ago uses a precise figure from that specific day. There is no need to get your calculator out and look up daily exchange prices. Everything happens automatically.

In this Moneydance Review, we also covered MoneyDance Pros & Cons.

Moneydance Pros and Cons: Moneydance Review

moneydance review
Moneydance review

Moneydance Pros:

  • Reasonably priced

The one-time cost of $49.99 is quite reasonable for a personal finance app that does all that Moneydance can.

  • One-time fee

If you’re searching for a budgeting software program, the last thing you need is another monthly expense for the program itself. Moneydance spares you the hit.

  • Not cloud established

If you’re concerned about your information being stored in the cloud, Moneydance does not. It is stored.
A permit is for personal use and per family — You do not have to pay per installment, the pay-per person using it, or how many computers you use it on. It’s 1 permit per family for as many computers as you desire.

  • Free Trial

you can “test drive” Moneydance for 100 transactions. If you like what you see, you can pay the fee and keep using it. If you do not, you can just drop it and proceed.
The 90-day warranty provides you the chance to back out using a complete refund if you decide you are not satisfied with the program, even after you finish the first 100 transactions.

  • Digital reconciliation

you balance your account and reconcile transactions, in addition, to detect fraudulent activity in any of your accounts.

  • Money conversion

not everybody regularly engages in overseas transactions, but if you do, Moneydance is your personal finance program for you.

Moneydance Disadvantages:

  • Feels cluttered

The dashboard will be a little cluttered and maybe especially confusing if you’ve got a significant number of accounts included and are still learning the system.

  • Importing is catchy

This isn’t unusual. To import data, you will need to be certain that the information is exported to a QIF file, which is an ASCII text file created by Quicken. QIF stands for Quicken Interchange Format.

Final Words: Moneydance Review

Moneydance provides a free trial for 100 trades and a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can give it a sensible test drive to determine if you want it.

There are a lot of different budgeting software apps out there and it often comes down to which you are going to be the most comfortable with. Some are rather simple in character, such as EveryDollar, and many others are somewhat more complex, such as Quicken. Moneydance could be.

It goes beyond pure budgeting, by offering investment monitoring and currency conversions. These can be important to you in the event you’ve got several investment accounts or regular overseas transactions.

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