Opinion City: Read Complete Review about Opinion City

Opinion City, situated at OpinionCity.com, is an online portal that connects consumers with research businesses where they could get payment for completing surveys.

There was controversy concerning Opinion City’s validity.

Functioning as a anonymous online portal, we’ve discovered the entity and the insight gathered is not quite.

We ask that you read our unbiased review that is up-to-date to discover more information regarding Opinion City.

What is Opinion City?

Opinion City is organised as a landing page that directs viewers to their market research firms that were supported.

Two or three minutes of navigating the website will give you the information while they don’t disclose any information regarding their platform functions.

In simplicity, Opinion City”functions” by notifying you which market research companies and survey websites you will need to think about joining to start earning money from home.

It must be noted that money is not dished out by these research surveys that were paid and that you ought not expect to get a stream of earnings for your time.

While making money, meaning Opinion City does nothing more than connect consumers with paid survey opportunities.

It needs to be noted that lots of consumers do report receiving quantities of compensation.

So whether the findings in this review do not disturb you too much, and when you have the time to spare, then you could consider Opinion City as an outlet to find survey opportunities.

About Opinion City Company:

OpinionCity.com doesn’t disclose any possession or identifying information anywhere upon their website.

We browsed through the websites Terms of Use, Contact Us, and Privacy Page to discover that no things were revealed.

With this information in mind we went ahead and ran a WHOIS domain on OpinionCity.com.

One of the information disclosed in the report could be how OpinionCity.com was registered on January 15th, 2007 by an organization called A&A Marketing based out of Illinois, USA.

According to employee sockets such as Glassdoor, A&A Marketing didn’t reflect much positive feedback and has been declared a scam by most of their previous workers.

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Read Flags of Opinion City Review:

  • Lack of Transparency

OpinionCity doesn’t disclose any information about their owners or operators that are present.

It was not until we ran a WHOIS domain that we unraveled that A&A Marketing is their domain registrar (meaning founders behind the website ) and the testimonials regarding A&A Marketing are horrible.

  • Facebook Page Likes

In the past inspection portals have discovered it which OpinionCity employed a kind of traffic exchange to accrue likes.

Not only is this unethical but it makes Opinion City appear credible and more reputable than they’re currently letting on.

  • Past Employment of Pressure-Inducing Widgets

Moreover, Opinion City use to funnel and pressure their website visitors until choosing particular surveys by claiming that there were just an”x” number of spots available.

Opinion City does not have any affiliation with these survey entities out of a venture so there isn’t any way they would understand the spots open, moreover when have you ever heard of survey firm or a market research limiting surveyors’ capacity?

Survey That Pay Instent Cash.

We think that the last employment of the”Total Spots Available” was a means to funnel consumers for their lucrative offers, not especially those best match for the consumer.

  • Employment of Stock Photos

Opinion City seems to be implementing stock photos into their city hoping to pass them off as entities’ frame as you can see in the picture shared under.

It’s a feature that we have never found attractive nor ethical Though this is an characteristic amongst sites.

What Public Opinion?

Many review portals are suggesting that Opinion City isn’t a dependable survey matching thing.

The red flags shared above were significant aspects that we believe made these inspection portals more inclined to announce these verdicts but we also found a common denominator regarding the majority of these reviews.

If you take some time to browse these other reviews, you’ll find how the vast majority of them are encouraging consumers to join with their own recommendations compared to providing Opinion City a shot.

Though this isn’t necessarily depended upon it will indicate that several of the other review sites have another agenda in mind for you.

As we previously shared too, A&A Marketing does NOT reflect much positive feedback also.

Why put your time, energy and religion with a website that seems to be founded by an untrustworthy thing Is OpinionCity?

On account of their previous employment of questionable marketing tactics along with being made by a corporate entity that reflects excessive complaints, we don’t think Opinion City to be the most trustworthy entity.

Opinion City Review Conclusion

If you’re scraped for money and looking for a fast way to supplement some of your earnings online, you could look at completing online surveys that will assist you bridge any fiscal gaps.

The reason why we don’t believe OpinionCity is the most trustworthy thing, that doesn’t mean that the survey companies they’re working aren’t legitimate.

Given the findings shared above, we advise consumers to pursue Opinion City at their own risk.

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