Prolific Survey Review: Is Prolific Survey Legit Or Scam in 2021

Prolific Survey has grown to a platform for participants and researchers and was set in 2014. 2000+ academics, startups, charities, and companies have utilized Prolific to learn about what clients and the general public feels about many different topics and initiatives. Read here Complete Prolific Survey Review.

Prolific Survey Review

Join Prolific and participate in fun surveys and fascinating scientific studies from researchers throughout the planet. You could also be assisting startups to test their programs and games! Join 25,000 participants from different areas of the world. The University of Oxford powers is prolific.

  • Prolific Offers Fair Rewards!

Prolific guarantees that you won’t get kicked from polls and you will earn money for your efforts – points. Any wages you gain to get for your participation will be clearly outlined before engaging in the survey or study.

  • Get Paid Directly to Your PayPal Account

Prolific pays its panelists through PayPal and pays out in Sterling GBP. Make certain that with is the email. You may request payment of your Rewards at any time, as long as you have accumulated at least #5.00.

  • Prolific is Socially Conscious

It is possible to give your rewards! Help science and do good at the same time.

  • Eligibility

Although their registration page enables users worldwide who are 18+ to register with the website, many users out of certain countries will be given a message on their dashboard which states that Prolific does not support the nation they reside in. There are roughly 20 countries that appear to be supported, including the UK, USA, CA, AU, IT, PL, CZ, Amongst Others.

What is Prolific Survey

Prolific Survey Review
Prolific Survey Review

Prolific hosts academic polls, so the polls tend to originate from university research projects. Therefore, they are generally about things like human behavior, how you make decisions, and things like this. This means Profilic polls are usually a lot more interesting to fill out than those on other survey websites.

As with other survey websites, to join with Prolific you provide some basic details to get a login.

As soon as you’re signed up, you are pointed in the direction of”pre-screening questions” that make you qualified for more polls. The theory is that the more of those you fill in, the more Prolific know about you, which gives you more chance to be matched to relevant surveys.

I completed a substantial number of those questions (around 70, from a fast count), but there remain dozens available to me. 1 day I might find myself tempted to finish more, to see whether it has a notable influence on the number of surveys available to me. When I do, I will update the review.

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As soon as you’re done completing as many pre-screening queries as you are prepared to, it is a case of waiting to be matched to appropriate surveys. Every time you — in theory — get a notification email.

But one thing I have discovered about Prolific after being on a stage for a very long time is that the notification email system appears to be rather hit and miss. I can go weeks without getting any alarms, yet whenever I log on to the machine there are a few surveys available. Therefore, if you would like to earn the most of Prolific, you need to log on frequently to manually check for available surveys.

Normally, researchers are looking for a finite number of participants for each study, so the faster you jump onto Prolific to get involved, the more chance you have of being able to complete the survey and get paid

Prolific Survey Review: Paid Survey and Task Rate:

On its face, the prices for polls on Prolific seem decent. However, I feel it is marginally disingenuous that they present them at an hourly rate.

It is all well and good saying that becoming involved in a poll equates to a speed of #15 ($20) per hour, but it is really fairly meaningless when it is, according to the example, a two-minute survey than actually luggage you just 50 pence (63 cents!).

Nonetheless, the rates themselves are not bad really, and they are cash prices, as opposed to the mysterious” points” provided by IPSOS and a few other survey sites.

You want to supply PayPal account details so you can be compensated for the surveys you complete, or you also have the option of using Circle Pay. You could decide to donate your poll income.

Even though you are charged a fee for the payout after your earnings hit GB # 5 you may request a payout. Prolific suggest you utilize Circle to avoid penalties and wait until you have earned # 20.

Where’s Prolific Available?

In the sign-up form, it initially appeared to me that you could sign up to Prolific from absolutely anywhere. This could have been great news for the many men and women that are often locked out of the vast majority of home working opportunities if they reside in certain countries.

But after digging a bit deeper, I discovered that it is only possible to combine from a set list of nations at the time of writing. The list of countries is fairly large and is available here. However, people in countries not on the list will, undoubtedly, be disappointed.

My Experiences with Prolific

Prolific Survey Review
Prolific Survey Review

I enjoy doing Prolific surveys. They are more interesting than other polls, and contributing to scientific study definitely feels like a worthy use of time than giving your opinion on a new emblem for washing powder!

When I first reviewed Prolific, I had been concerned that there were not enough surveys to earn a meaningful quantity of money. However, the amount of work on the stage appears to have picked up apparently.

Thinking about it, this might well be because I initially did my Prolific review at what could have been the end of this academic year, therefore I guess there might be more work available in autumn, winter, and spring than in the summertime.

Additionally, the discovery that it is best not to depend on email notifications has meant I have discovered more accessible surveys.

Is EarnHoney Legit Or Scam?

The screenshot above shows what I saw accessible to me once I randomly logged whilst upgrading my review.

There’s no guarantee you will always find a steady flow of polls on Prolific, but the stream has improved since I first looked at it. Regardless, the trick to making a good side income from survey sites is to register to a lot of those. You then discover that, all together, they add up to something worthwhile. Have a look at this side gig earnings report as evidence of this.

There also remain dozens more prescribing questions that I’ve yet to fill in, all of which could lead to more polls coming through. A read of some other Prolific reviews appears to suggest that this is true — so I’ll work through more of them and update the review sooner or later.

If you wish to work on polls as a side gig, Prolific is definitely a site you will want on your listing. The payout threshold is reduced and the site’s reputable.

General FaQ’s

  • Prolific Survey, how long does it take for a survey to pay
    This may depend upon Survey Type in many cases you received pay within 24 hours & in many, you received the payment instantly.
  • When I reserve a survey on prolific, can I start the survey later?
    This depends on Prolific Survey Completely. But for each survey, there are fix timing after that those surveys expired and you didn’t get paid anything for that surveys.

Prolific Surveys Review: Conclusion

You are not going to get rich doing Prolific surveys, but signing-up will earn you a bit of pocket money. It is a no-brainer to become involved if polls are the thing, and those here are far more enjoyable to do than many. The prices are also better than average, and it is wonderful to see what you get in the money, as opposed to vague” points.”

Prolific is one of the few survey websites I’ve continued to use after finishing my review. That in itself is a vote of confidence!

If you have used Prolific previously, please inform us about your experiences in the comments.

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