Southern California Citypass Review – Get Upto 50% Off

Southern California Citypass Review – In this Southern California CityPASS review, Of you talk about Southern California Citypass Which also means you want to explore more about southern California CityPass discountsouthern California CityPass Disneysouthern California CityPass universal studiossouthern California CityPass tickets. Don’t worry !! we will explain how the pass functions, research what’s contained, and help you determine if it is a great match for your travel plans. Enjoy!

Got plans to take the fam? Nice! Besides tons of fun in sunlight, SoCal is home to some of the greatest family-friendly theme parks on the planet (Disneyland, anybody?).

What may be disappointing, however, is this trip will hit on your wallet. those world-famous attractions command a pretty penny if you pay full price!

Fortunately, the Southern California CityPASS can save you money on a few of the area’s biggest and best attractions!

However, as with any sightseeing pass, the SoCal CityPASS is not a great fit for each traveler. Let’s decide whether it would be a fantastic deal for you and take a look!

Southern California Citypass Review
Southern California Citypass Review

Southern California CityPASS Review

For 2019, the Southern California CityPASS has experienced some major changes…and I can not say I love what they have done.

While the older So-Called City Pass functioned as other comprehensive attractions pass, the new version is not really a” pass” at all. The new version of the pass works similar to the Orlando City Pass. The Southern California City Pass is a ticket reseller.

Here’s the great news: You can save money at five of the biggest parks of SoCal. In actuality, you save the costs you would have paid in the gate over.

The good thing is that you must purchase individual tickets through the” pass”…which effectively means you won’t save as much. Gone are the days of saving $155 per person. (Womp, womp.)

That said, to find the new offer, you ought to purchase tickets with the Southern California CityPASS online prior to going. Based upon entering the park, you can either print your tickets, pick them up, or use the QR code. I’d go ahead and publish the tickets or use the QR code so that you can avoid as many lines!
Top Attractions on the Southern California CityPASS

Together with the Southern California CityPASS, you can choose to buy individual tickets to the next family-friendly theme parks (regular adult admission costs in pareparenthesesp–>

  • Disneyland Resort ($112.50 for a two-day pass)
  • Universal Studios Hollywood ($139)
  • SeaWorld San Diego ($91.99)
  • LEGOLAND California ($104.99)
  • San Diego Zoo ($56) OR Safari Park ($56)

Southern California CityPASS Price

You know that theme park is not affordable if you have done any research on costs. But does the Southern California CityPASS price? And just how much will you be saved by it?

Regrettably, that depends.

The amount you save depends on which attractions you choose and on the number of days because the SoCal CityPASS is put up. Thus, we can not tell you how much you will save.

Here is what we can tell you: a few scenarios did run. While users were stored by the pass up the best we can do with the pass was about $45 savings per adult. Now, that nothing to shake a stick at, as the pass did, but it does not provide quite as much significance.

Southern California CityPASS Attractions

Let’s take a closer look at the attractions included on the Southern California CityPASS to help you decide if it’s a good buy for you.

  • Southern California Citypass Disney Resort

I really don’t want to generalize, but if you are visiting SoCal with children, Disneyland is probably a given. Dubbed” the happiest place on earth,” Disneyland can entertain the entire family for days.

Together with the Southern California CityPASS, you get discounted admission on 3, 4, and 5-day tickets. You also get access to both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. These are actually two different, unique parks with their own” lands” and topics. Do not worry though, they’re essential across the street from one another, so if you are staying nearby, you will be near both.

Disneyland Park is the theme park and is the bigger of the two. It is home to Disney Classics such as the Sleeping Beauty Castle, Space Mountain, and It’s a Small World.

Disney California Adventure is a newer addition and features seven of its lands, including the favorite Cars Land. They are both family-friendly, though Disney California Adventure has a greater percentage of rides designed for thrill-seekers. They serve.

With the multi-day tickets, you can spend three to five times going back and forth between the two Disney parks however you choose. (Editor’s Note: When purchasing your tickets, you have the option of getting either Park Hopper or one park per day moves.) You get to skip the ticket line. If you have been to Disney before, you know that is a huge perk, because those lines are generally extended.

  • SeaWorld San Diego

Depending on the name you may assume SeaWorld is an animal exhibition. It is also a theme park complete with rides, shows, although that is part of it for certain, and yes creatures.

You’ll see killer whales, interact with dolphins, and marvel at sea lions, sharks, and much more. However, you get to enjoy custom rides. Take a look at family-friendly offerings such as Abby’s Sea Star Spin and thrill-seeker treats such as the brand new Electric Eel roller coaster (if you are brave enough). Your family members can spend enjoying all SeaWorld San Diego has to offer.

  • LEGOLAND California

LEGOLAND California features over 60 Lego-themed rides, attractions, and shows that will make certain to keep your kiddos engaged all day long. Children or adults (no judgment) who are into Legos might also need to bring along a mini-figure. There are train channels around the park where you are able to trade in your Minifigure to get a new one. Pretty cool.

Notice that LEGOLAND targets kids so there are not a lot of thrill rides. That does not mean adults won’t like the rides and shows. Even if you are not into Legos, the displays are pretty impressive. There are tons of delicious food choices, too (Granny’s Apple Fries comes highly recommended). Grab some snacks and enjoy watching your children have a blast. You will likely wind up having fun.

Universal Hollywood and San Diego Zoo OR Safari Park

Southern California Citypass Review
Southern California Citypass Review

In addition to the parks, the Southern California CityPASS offers tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood, and the San Diego Zoo or Safari Park. Universal’s world-famous “Studio Tour” is a blast for all ages. Animal lovers will enjoy both of the San Diego Zoo options.

Other Advantages of the Southern California CityPASS

  • Savings — Though the $155 savings is something of the past, the Southern California CityPASS can save money compared to prices in the gate!
  • Pick your personal attractions — With the new format, the SoCal CityPASS lets you choose only the attractions you want.
  • Fast track entry — Theme parks are amazing, but the lines are not. The Southern California CityPASS is the ticket to the parks, so you may skip lining up to buy tickets. That means more time to enjoy. (Hint: Print your tickets or use the QR code whenever possible!)

Where the Southern California CityPASS Falls Short

I must be honest here: I am not fond of the Southern California CityPASS.

Shifting from a style is a disappointment while the inclusion of Universal is a plus. Not only does the new format lack the ease of having your tickets all it significantly decreases the quantity of savings available.

I really much prefer the comprehensive style found on other CityPASS products such as the Seattle CityPASSand Chicago CityPASS.

Additionally, the pass doesn’t offer a good deal of things to do in L.A. In actuality, the pass features attractions that are all situated much south of Los Angeles in Orange and San Diego counties. Therefore, if you’re searching for a pass with more choices in L.A., the Go Los Angeles Card may be a much better match.

Who Should Skip the Southern California CityPASS?

People who do not like theme parks — That’s basically all these pass offers, so if theme parks are not your jam, the Southern California CityPASS is not for you.

Travelers who want an all-inclusive pass — The format with this” pass” means it is actually n’t a pass in any respect. Effectively, you are just buying discount tickets through a ticket reseller. Therefore, if you’re looking for something somewhat more all-inclusive, take a look at our suggestion below.

Visitors focusing on Los Angeles — The pass bills itself as a” Southern California” pass, however — if the majority of your trip will be invested in L.A. — this probably is not the pass for you. The Majority of the SoCal CityPASS attractions are located exclusively in Orange County and San Diego County. If you’re looking for a sightseeing card with more choices for L.A., take a look at the Go Los Angeles Card instead.
The Way to Purchase the Southern California CityPASS

Purchasing tickets through the Southern California CityPASS is a breeze — catch them online today.

You’ll find an email immediately and can download and publish your e-tickets from your home. You can also decide to utilize the QR codes emailed to you or pick up your tickets at Will Call at each attraction.

Again, I’d recommend either printing or using the QR codes so that you do not encounter as many lines.
Is the Southern California CityPASS Worth It?

Southern California Citypass Review: Final Words

Southern California Citypass Review
Southern California Citypass Review

So, is the Southern California CityPASS a Great Deal? Well, that depends upon what you’re looking for.

Sadly, this pass is no longer really a pass in any respect. Therefore, if you’re looking for a true all-inclusive pass, you will need to look elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you merely want to pick which attractions you see and purchase tickets at a discount, then using the Southern California CityPASS site might be a good alternative for you. With the new arrangement, you are not paying for attractions you won’t use, but you can still save money!

In the end, the attractions offered via the website appeal to families with children that are game to spend a few days enjoying the SoCal theme park scene. If this describes you, you might have the ability to find a fantastic deal. If you are not gung-ho for theme parks, do not bother checking it out.

Thanks so much for reading and enjoy your visit to Southern California! Until next time, happy traveling! Explore more about go and city Pass. Keep hunting more only at Cash o Game

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