Target gift card exchange: How to get rid of Unwanted Target Gift Card

Target gift card exchange: Why didn’t you know that you can sell or redeem the gift cards you don’t want? Yes, it is possible and it can be very useful during the Christmas season & All-time also as well. Here I shared the best platform for Target gift card exchange to turn your gift card into cash.

We present some websites that facilitate the purchase and sale of unwanted gift cards as well as offering an ingenious way to use Visa / Amex gift cards.

Target gift card exchange:

Now it’s easy to exchange your target gift card into cash. If you don’t know how Target gift card exchange into cash? Read complete post and here I shared each and everything where you can sell or exchange your target gift cards into cash.


Cardpool permits you to buy, sell and redeem gift cards along with other Cardpool members. A gift card can be sold by you for a little less. You will get somewhat less for it compared to if you decide to send the card that is physical, if you decide to send the card information electronically.

The percentage that Cardpool takes for every card transaction isn’t an equal rate for all and varies according to the need of the card. As a payment method, you’re given the choice of receiving an Amazon gift card rather than a check for this card’s value.

You can purchase cards at a lower price than what the card is appreciated, which permits you to save money if you’re looking for a card. It is the best platform for your Target gift card exchange.

#2. Raise

Raise permits you to buy and sell gift cards directly from the iPhone with its free iOS program or Android phone. Although that doesn’t appear to be at the start of significance, consider the savings which you can take advantage of when purchasing a car at a price that is discounted. If you see you purchase a US card for the US and can go search for Home Depot, to Boost $42.

You may have tabs stored in the program of the cards which were put up in Boost for sale. When a card is sold alerts are sent, and lets you know if there are funds available to send a check to you or to deposit in your bank account. You choose how much discount you intend to provide someone to buy you and may decide on a cost for the gift card the card. For his part, Raise takes 15 percent of the selling price. Raise is the growing platform to exchange Target gift cards with money online.

#3. Coinstar

Find a Coinstar kiosk. I imagine what you think: “is not the firm that has machines where you are able to deposit heaps of coins to obtain cash?” Yes, it is. However, I imagine you did not understand that it has. You can find a Coinstar Exchange kiosk here.

If you discover a kiosk, you’ll have to get a gift card with at least US $20. Scan the card expect the machine to give you money back and to confirm your identity. Print a voucher where the kiosk is located to swap it. But it’s the same. It is also the best platform for the Target gift card exchange.

#4. Gift Card Granny

Who does not like? Gift Card Granny is a service that searches within the gift card exchange websites and provides you with the current rates you could get if you choose to sell yours.

Available services include Boost and Cardpool (mentioned previously ),, RetailMeNot (formerly Zen Giftcard), CardCashand The services use payment techniques and rates, so it’s recommended examine and to compare occasions you will get for that bit of plastic. You can also use this platform for Target gift card exchange.

#5. Square

The next advice comes in the Twitter user @ garz76 via @nanpalmero. When you get a Visa or Amex gift card, rather than attempting to handle the balance in the points of sale, you may just make a payment yourself with a Square card reader.

Needless to say, you’ll be billed the 2.75 percent commission for the trade, but the residual value of the card will be deposited to your bank account in a few days.

Instead of worrying about where the card will be accepted or needing to keep clear, you’ll have cash in your bank account.

It only requires a couple of minutes to request a complimentary Square reader (now you can purchase one at most large retail shops ) and set up an account via the site, it will take only a couple of minutes. Using Square you can exchange your Target gift card easily.

#6. CardCash

Another choice to resell your gift cards is CardCash, which claims to provide you up to 92% of the whole value of your card.

An advantage of the service is that you can see prior to making the transaction the value you’ll get. By way of instance, as soon as you go to their site and pick the “Sell Gift Cards” option, you will see two fields which you can fill out: “What type of gift card have you got?” (What sort of gift card have you got?) And “What is the balance on the gift card?” (What’s the balance of this card). I, as an instance, filled the first field with “Best Buy” and the next area with “$100”. The deal CardCash gave me was 83. If this offer appears acceptable to you, you can proceed to the next step that is to choose how you would like to send the gift card (via email or online) and then you need to pick how you want to get the payment, either by PayPal or other procedures. It is also the best platform for Target gift card exchange.

#7. Zen GiftCard

GiftCard Zen, possessed by RetailMeNot functions in a similar way to CardCash: you can get the brand of your gift card, enter the balance and determine what the offer which GiftCard Zen offers you.

If you are convinced by none of the solutions, there’s always eBay, which permits the purchase of gift cards. Needless to say, eBay has. Consider your alternatives and choose.

The end result: there’s not any reason for you to maintain a gift card. Sell ​​it or alter it and get just what you would like. It is also best platform for Target gift card exchange.

#8. Gameflip

Gameflip is the simplest way to sell gift cards. You may sell any prepaid fresh and non-rechargeable gift cards. The gift cards in Gameflip are Amazon, PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, iTunes and Play cards.

Your gift card will appear on the list before the thousands of buyers. To sell gift cards place between 2% and 15% of the quantity. Based on your gift cards’ popularity, you might have to adjust the cost to attract buyers.

Simply list your undefined gift cards using our site or our free mobile program. We recommend picking deliveries to get a more fluid and quicker transaction. Following his git card code is received by the buyer, redeems and completes the trade by classification, the profits from the sale are deposited into his Gameflip wallet. You can opt to draw income. You can exchange your target gift card here also.

#9. E-commerce Website:

If you don’t want to sell your gift card to a website, you can publish it on sites like eBay or Craiglist. You can sell it for the same price of its value, but it usually sells better if you offer it for a little less. Take into account that sites like eBay will keep a percentage of the sale.

  • You should also consider the shipping costs if you are going to send the card to someone.
  • Be careful if you are going to meet someone to sell you the gift card.

#10. Sell To Friends:

You may have a friend who would like to buy your gift card. This would probably be the easiest and safest way to sell it. Ask among your friends to find out if anyone has an interest in buying it. If anyone is interested, you can meet him or send him the card by mail.

#11. Coinstar Exchange kiosk

These machines are located at the entrances of many large supermarket chains. Simply swipe the card and you will receive an offer. They will normally offer you between 60% and 85% of the card balance. You can choose between accepting or rejecting the amount offered. If you accept the offer, you will receive a coupon that you can exchange for cash at one of the payment boxes.

  • Coinstar Exchange kiosks are different from regular Coinstar machines that only exchange coins for bills.

Conclusion: Target Gift Card Exchange

A gift card, gift certificate or gift card can be described as a type of debit or charge prefilled that enables the holder thereof to obtain a range of products or services. It’s a voice which was embraced in our speech from the English voice” gift card” whose equal in Spanish is “gift card”; This is a card which includes a certain quantity of money, issued by a specified trader or entity so it can be utilized as a buy alternative so that it, if desired, be given away. Exchanging any gift card is not a tough task now a day. There are many online companies and platforms available where you can exchange your Target Gift Cards.

Some of those gift cards can be utilized in shops you will find gift cards which are allowed in shops or most establishments that accept credit cards, whether electronic or not. Many gift cards are rechargeable, permitting that the freedom to reuse as many times as he desires and add to the holder.

Cases of gift cards from other department stores.

On many occasions people start looking for the ideal gift for a particular person, but they do not know which gift to select, so many choose a gift card. This card is extremely much like a credit card, it has a magnetic stripe on the trunk, where it records the specific amount that’s been attached to the card.

The gift cards have great recognition in a number of countries, especially in America, where it’s recorded they are the next largest gift given by American consumers, this based on the statistics of the calendar year 2006, and is a figure which each and every year goes in growth; it’s also the most wanted gift by girls and the third most prosperous option by men.

In 2012, it was recorded that approximately 50 percent of consumers said they’d obtained a gift card as a gift. 1 In Canada alone, about $ 1.8 billion has been spent on gift cards therefore from the United Kingdom it is estimated that roughly 3 billion pounds will probably be attained by 2009; on another hand in America, in 2006 they were compensated close to America in gift cards.

I hope you enjoy my post Target gift card exchange. Don’t forget to mention it or share it with your friend circle if they are also gift card users like me.

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